Don’t play favourites, Perkasa reminds MACC

 |Jan 5, 2017
Jais Abdul Karim reminds MACC not to play favourites in their efforts to fight corruption in the country. - File pic credit Facebook Jais Abdul Karim.
Jais Abdul Karim reminds MACC not to play favourites in their efforts to fight corruption in the country. – File pic credit Facebook Jais Abdul Karim.

Perkasa issued a strong reminder to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) not to play favourites in their efforts to fight corruption.

The non-governmental organisations (NGO) Integrity and Anti-Corruption bureau chairman Jais Abdul Karim said favouritism should not come into play in investigating, prosecuting and arresting those involved in corruption be it ministers, deputy ministers or their officers in all ministries.

“Perkasa urges for MACC to expedite the investigation process to avoid negative perception from the public towards MACC’s capabilities in handling corruption cases,” he said.

At the same time, Jais expressed support for the statement made by MACC chief commisioner Dzulkifli Ahmad in which the latter had pledged his commitment to expose corruption cases involving civil servants as well as individuals in government-linked companies (GLC) by making arrests and prosecuting every week.

In their most recent high-profile case, the MACC yesterday arrested the secretary-general of a ministry along with his two sons for investigation into alleged corruption.

The secretary-general is now remanded for seven days to facilitate investigation.

With regards to MACC’s efforts in battling corruption, Jais said the commission must improve their techniques and investigation methods to ensure that those who engage in corrupt practises are not able to manipulate or destroy evidence.

“The methods now are old and not efficient,” he added, noting that he however understood that MACC is facing a shortage of investigating officers.

He is of the opinion that this could be resolved by implementing new techniques and methods which he believes can increase the quality and quantity of investigation into corrupt practises.

Also sharing the same sentiment is Perkasa’s Selangor Women’s chief Aniza Anuar.

“We applaud MACC’s aggressiveness in battling corruption which of late has become a cancer,” she said.

However, Aniza said MACC must be more just and professional and not to focus strictly on civil servants, government bodies, semi-government bodies and GLCs.

She urged for the commission to extend their investigations into politicians as well as those in the corporate world.

“Whatever action taken must be done in a transparent manner whilst shouldering the oath of loyalty taken when given the responsibility to take up the post.

“The rakyat would be happy if this is done continuously and is followed by immediate legal action,” Aniza said.

In related development, Jais said Perkasa is committed to stand with MACC in their efforts to combat corruption in the country.

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