Don’t be arrogant, Aziz Kaprawi ticks off Muhyiddin

 |Feb 28, 2017
Pribumi president Muhyiddin Yassin.

Umno supreme council member Aziz Kaprawi has slammed Pribumi president Muhyiddin Yassin for being ‘arrogant’ and not heeding Johor ruler Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar’s remarks.

In replying to Muhyiddin’s swift defence against the state ruler’s remarks, Aziz said the former Johor Menteri Besar does not listen to the advice and even looks like he’s challenging the royalty.

“Muhyiddin doesn’t need to explain his achievements while being under the Umno and Barisan Nasional leadership.

“Since Prime Minister Najib Razak took over the administration, the poverty incident index has recorded below 1 per cent within the country.

“Even with the present Menteri Besar leadership (Khaled Nordin), the economic development seen growing better compared during Muhyiddin’s era.” Aziz said via a statement.

Muhyiddin is only trying to hide his previous mistakes by portraying his good deeds when helming the Menteri Besar post, Aziz said.

“Let’s not forget the poor management of ‘Amanah Saham Johor’ during Muhyiddin era till many investors lurched into debts.

“Even Muhyiddin was responsible for changing the state holiday from Friday to Sunday which received heavy criticism from the public including the royalty.

“While Muhyiddin was holding the Education minister post, even he failed to increase the public varsity performance vis-à-vis to international standard.

“Let’s not forget the 1Bestari.Net project under Education ministry, the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) also found it as a failure project. “ Aziz added.

Aziz wants Muhyiddin to stop misleading the public by spreading lies, being arrogant just to achieve his political ambitions.

We could have different political ideologies, but let’s practise matured politics that will benefit the people, Aziz said.

Muhyiddin in an open letter, posted on his Facebook page recently to the state ruler, said that he felt the need to clear his name and respond publicly to the sultan as the latter’s remarks had led many to believe it was meant for him.

In a speech on last Thursday, the sultan had said that the current state administration under Menteri Besar Khaled Nordin has made the state more prosperous, comparing it with the achievements of past administrations.

Sultan Ibrahim said this was because he has a good relationship with Khaled, unlike with the “two previous Menteri Besar who were arrogant”.