Divisive opposition

 |Sep 1, 2016
Once Amanah leader Mat Sabu called Anwar, then the deputy prime minister, 'Al-Jubori'. But now a close buddy with Anwar.
Once Amanah leader Mat Sabu called Anwar, then the deputy prime minister, ‘Al-Jubori’. But now a close buddy with Anwar.

In the beginning I used to tolerate (note the word ‘tolerate’) the opposition, mainly due to the absence of anyone else who could offer the country checks and balances.

Having a one-party system was not good for any country (like in China or North Korea) so we need some form of ‘counter-weight’ to the government or to the party in power.

But is the opposition the ideal balance or counter-weight to the government?

Not necessarily but since that is all we had (we had no Third Force) then we had no choice but to support or work with a less-than-perfect opposition.

If not then we would be reduced to a one-party system, the very thing we wanted to avoid.

I remember during the 2008 general election campaign when I said (which you can view on YouTube) that my objective is not to change the government as much as to reduce the powers of the ruling party by giving the opposition a bit more voice in Parliament and in the various State Assemblies.

In other words, the ruling party must not be allowed 91% control of Parliament (like what happened in the 2004 general election).

They must be given less than 66% control of Parliament (say 55% at the most) so that not only do they not have a two-thirds majority but will face a very powerful opposition as well.

Some states should be under opposition control (at that time I announced five states, which was what happened in 2008 although many did not believe it could happen).

As I said in my opening statement above: In the beginning I used to tolerate the opposition.

Then, not long after the 2008 general election, I began to get disappointed and disillusioned with the opposition.

Since 2010 I began to dislike the opposition and today can actually declare that I downright hate them.

Clare Rewcastle Brown and Peter John Jaban - Sarawak Report.
Clare Rewcastle Brown and Peter John Jaban – Sarawak Report.

This morning I received a long message from Peter John Jaban of Sarawak Report running down today’s Merdeka Day celebrations.

They have been doing this every year on 31st August.

Instead of trying to unite Malaysians they are dividing Malaysians and they have the cheek to blame Umno for this.

So what do they want?

They want the Republic of Sabah and the Republic of Sarawak to declare independence from Malaysia?

Why not the Straits Settlements states of Penang and Melaka follow the other Straits Settlements state of Singapore and leave Malaysia as well?

If Malaysia does not allow them to leave (like when the South wanted to leave the United States) then they should launch a civil war just like the American Civil War.

These opposition people are a bunch of idiots and I am beginning to get sick to my stomach with their immature antics.

When we whack them they turn round and say we are pro-government or pro-Barisan Nasional.

Yes, as President Bush said: either you are with us or you are against us.

So just to show we are not anti-America we support the invasion of Iraq.

Now with the entire Middle East in a mess we say it was a huge mistake.

A bit too late to regret is it not?

No, just because I do not or no longer support the opposition that does not mean I am pro-government or pro-Barisan Nasional.

It just means I am not pro-Pakatan Harapan because Pakatan Harapan has turned into a joke and does not deserve my support.

Have you not heard the saying that respect cannot be demanded and needs to be earned?

Well, the same goes for support. It cannot be demanded. It needs to be earned. And you have not earned either my respect or my support.

Now Malaysia opposition front is led by the aging former premier Mahathir, whose agenda is only to make his son Mukhriz the prime minister.
Now Malaysia opposition front is led by the aging former premier Mahathir, whose agenda is only to make his son Mukhriz the prime minister.

In 2010, when Anwar Ibrahim, Tian Chua and Tunku Abdul Aziz Ibrahim (when he was still in DAP) visited London, I did deliver a speech and warned them to not take us for granted.

You promised us many things and we supported you and campaigned for you in 2008.

However, if you fail to deliver what you promised we might not support you in the next general election in 2013, I said.

So do not take us for granted and do not assume you will automatically get our support.

You need to earn that support and we can take away that support as easily as we gave it to you.

Yes, that was what I said in 2010 in London 30 months after the 2008 general election.

However, instead of reforming and performing, they responded by saying that they do not need to listen to us.

This was what Anwar publicly announced in Australia, which you can also view on YouTube.

I did not say you must listen to us. It is not mandatory.

You can tell me to go jump in the lake if you want. That is your prerogative and your right.

But then I also do not need to support you. There is no must about it. I also can choose not to support you.

But when I do not support you, you get angry.

You take it as your God-given right that I must support you.

Who the hell do you think you are?

Was it not we the people who gave you power?

Is it not we the people who are the boss?

Do you not need to do what we say instead of we having to do what you say?

Talk about the tail being asked to wag the dog.

These opposition people are downright stupid. First-degree morons!

Let me put it another way.

If that is the type of opposition you are then you are not good enough for my support.

I am too good for you and way above you. Kapish?

Well, at least there is some good news from that 2010 London meeting.

Tunku Abdul Aziz realised that the opposition is full or crap and he eventually left DAP.

Imagine if he had remained in DAP and wasted the rest of his life with all that opposition nonsense.

Life is too short to be wasted on nonsense, especially for people like Tunku Abdul Aziz and me who at our age are not quite spring chickens.

The opposition talks about democracy.

They also talk about the parliamentary system of democracy.

But they do not know one bit what it all means.

Then they tell Malaysians that Najib Razak is an illegal prime minister and Barisan Nasional is an illegitimate government because they did not win more than 50% of the popular votes.

Do you know what makes it worse?

Many Malaysians actually believe this.

Can you imagine a few million Malaysians swallowing all that opposition nonsense?

In a democracy the majority rules and majority here means the most number of seats in Parliament.

So what illegal Prime Minister and illegitimate government are they talking about?

The opposition accuses the government of not respecting democracy whereas they are the ones not respecting democracy.

The voters have decided. The voters have chosen their government.

The government was chosen based on the majority seats in Parliament, the system Malaysia adopted.

Why can’t the opposition respect that and respect the choice of the people?

If you want to change the government, then do it in the next general election.

Make sure that this time you win the most number of seats so that you can form the new federal government.

The opposition does not accept this or respect the wishes of the people and yet they expect us to support them.

The opposition lacks moral values.

They operate on the basis of the end justifies the means.

Never mind how you play the game just as long as you win.

Even chaos, turmoil and bloodshed are okay for the sake of meeting an objective.

Be very, very careful what you wish for.

The opposition refuses to form a shadow cabinet like opposition parties in other countries all over the world.

Do you know that after the 1999 general election we had a shadow cabinet?

Why do they refuse to do that now?

The answer is simple.

They refused to form a shadow cabinet like they did in 1999 because if they do then it would reveal their weaknesses and also reveal the disunity in the opposition.

There will be a huge quarrel over cabinet positions to the point that it will not only trigger a split but many will resign from the opposition in protest.

Is this the mark of an honest opposition with strong moral values?

They are lying to us. They are misleading us. They tell us to let them form the government first and then they will reveal their cabinet after that.

Why not reveal your cabinet first and then we decide whether to give you the government?

We want to make sure that the clowns and jokers are not going to be asked to run Malaysia.

The opposition spends a lot of time overseas running down the government and the country.

Show me one opposition in any other country in the world that does this.

Only Pakatan Harapan does this.

Those Pakatan Harapan people who run down Malaysia should be declared traitors and they should be denied a passport — because a passport is a privilege and not a right and is the property of Malaysia.

Pakatan Harapan seems to be in disarray.
Pakatan Harapan seems to be in disarray.

The worse thing that the opposition has done thus far is to sit down at the same table after what they said about each other in the past.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad and DAP said some of the most foul things about each other and now are lovers.

Mat Sabu called Anwar Ibrahim ‘Anwar Al Juburi’ and today he kisses Anwar’s feet.

The late Karpal Singh said Anwar has done so much damage to Malaysia and that he is not fit to lead the opposition and that he should taubat and today DAP hails Anwar as the Prime Minister-in-waiting.

Can you imagine me calling a woman a whore and the most immoral person in 1,000 years who will screw an entire football team in the same night and tomorrow I present her as my wife and demand you all respect her as if she was Mother Teresa?

In February 2015 when Mahathir invited me to join his ANC (Anti-Najib Campaign) I refused because when I joined his Anti Pak Lah Campaign in 2006 Anwar Ibrahim, Azmin Ali and many within PKR and DAP condemned me and said nasty things about me.

They said we might all want to topple Pak Lah, and should try to topple him, but then we should not team up with Mahathir to do that.

Mahathir is evil. So we cannot become partners with an evil person even if it is for a good cause such as trying to oust Pak Lah.

The end can never justify the means.

Today, ten years later, they are doing precisely what they said we should not do.

They also say we must join them and that if we don’t then we are traitors to the nation.

Okay, just for arguments sake, say I buy all that crap and join them in the pro-Mahathir movement.

What is the purpose of this movement?

Well, the purpose of this movement is to make Mukhriz the next Prime Minister so that Mahathir can protect his RM100 billion.

Now tell me honesty, do you see the word MORON tattooed on my forehead? … Read More


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