DAP’s CAT is dead – Gerakan

 |Aug 12, 2016
Gerakan's Jason Loo has been a vocal critic against Penang government on many controversial issues.
Gerakan’s Jason Loo has been a vocal critic against Penang government on many controversial issues.

It seems the Penang undersea tunnel developer Consortium Zenith-BUCG (CZBUCG) is on a civil suit spree.

Following its defamation suit filed against Parti Cinta Malaysia vice-president Huan Cheng Guan early this week, Zenith has now trained its gun at Penang Gerakan Youth Chief Jason Loo Jieh Shieng.

Jason Loo has been sued for questioning the disparity in the feasibility cost of the project and three paired roads project.

“The Penang government has been inconsistent in providing the breakdown cost of the undersea tunnel and its highway projects.

“When I question this, I am sued.

“Is this what the DAP governance has been preaching all this while?

“Where is the DAP’s CAT (competency, accountability and transparency) mantra?

“CAT is dead, totally dead and completely dead,” Jason Loo told reporters today.

Jason Loo said Zenith had filed the legal suit when he questioned the cost for the feasibility and design studies, which were pegged at RM90 million (USD22 million), compared with the RM305 million figure revealed by the Penang Government.

The RM90 mil is stated on the China Railway Construction Corp (CRCC) website, which by far varies from the RM305 million figure announced by the state government.

“If the feasibility cost reported on CRCC’s website is about RM90 million, where is the remaining RM215 million?

“Isn’t it ridiculous when I question this, I am sued for damaging their reputation?” said Jason Loo.

The Penang government has previously announced the feasibility cost for the George Town – Butterworth Undersea Tunnel and the three paired roads was RM305 million.

The tunnel feasibility study itself is RM20 million.

The tunnel will be built by Consortium Zenith-BUCG Sdn Bhd and its partner, CRCC.

Jason Loo alleged the DAP-led state government was trying to “shut his mouth by getting Zenith to sue” him for the facts he questioned.

“Everyone in Penang also knows who is behind CZBUCG in suing me and others.

“I have never been against CZBUCG from the very first day.

“I just questioned how hanky-panky the way the DAP-led state government dealt with the developer in this RM6.3bil mega project and the RM305 mil feasibility and design studies.”

Priya Pubalan has been a journalist for the past three years and counting. She believes in human equality, law and justice. She thinks capitalism should be abolished and mankind should give importance to education.