DAP ‘Mat Jenins’

 |Aug 3, 2016
Farid slams DAP leaders as Mat Jenins.
Farid slams DAP leaders as Mat Jenins.

DAP leaders are behaving like ‘Mat Jenins’ (daydreamers), taunted a Barisan Nasional (BN) elected representative on Wednesday.

Pulau Betong assemblyman Muhammad Farid Saad mocked both Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and his political secretary Wong Hon Wai as “daydreamers without action” like ‘Mat Jenin’.

Mat Jenin is a famous Malay folklore character portraying a daydreamer who loves to dream great things for his life but hardly act to achieve them.

He pointed out that Guan Eng was at full force to hold a snap election in Penang in the name of saving the state.

But now, he said Guan Eng dropped the whole idea due to lack of consensus among DAP’s partners in the state ruling coalition of Pakatan Harapan.

“Now what has happened to Guan Eng dream and who is going to save Penang since there is no snap election?

“Is Guan Eng keeping quiet because he is still secured in his comfort zone as a chief minister?” asked Farid on Wednesday.

Farid also slammed Wong, who is also the Air Itam assemblyman, for being another ‘Mat Jenin’, in the snap poll fiasco.

Wong had earlier mocked BN’s aim to table a motion of vote of confidence against the chief minister at the state Legislative Assembly as merely a ‘Mat Jenin’ move.

Farid in response said Wong must be in a wonderland for not realising that his own DAP leaders had behaved like ‘Mat Jenins’.

“Who is the real Mat Jenin here?

“Guan Eng is the real Mat Jenin here for scrapping the snap poll mooted by him,” said Farid.

Guan Eng has been slapped with two corruption charges pertaining to his bungalow purchase in Jalan Pinhorn, George Town and a land conversion in the Southwest district on the island.

He has pleaded not guilty and claimed trial to both charges at the Penang High Court on June 30.

Following the graft charges, Guan Eng mooted an idea to hold a snap state election in Penang.

But last weekend, Guan Eng scrapped the purported poll after his idea was snubbed by Pakatan Harapan main ally, PKR.

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