DAP fears Malay unity

 |Jan 29, 2017
Critics say DAP feared Malay unity the most.
Critics say DAP feared Malay unity the most.

These days Lim Kit Siang may have a few more fears in his life, one of which may be his son being sent to prison over the bungled bungalow scandal.

However, his son doing a little time behind bars may pale in comparison to Kit Siang’s greatest fear; that of a politically united Malay front.

The thought of this has to have the elder politician up at night scheming how to keep that from taking place through “divide and rule”

It seems that divide and rule was put into action earlier before PAS leadership election.

The idea was that if “progressives” won the election then the DAP would herald them as the new acceptable face of PAS.

If the so called progressives lost the leadership vote then they were probably promised full backing, if they were to defect from PAS and form Amanah their own party.

In either event, Amanah will be showcased as a Muslim political party that the DAP can ‘accept’ which is an euphemism for control.

The DAP-led opposition which Kit Siang presides over thought that a PAS off-shoot made up of those who could not accept election defeat would also cause many to follow Amanah over to the DAP camp.

The problem is many saw and still see it as just that; the DAP camp.

Therefore, it does not matter how much ‘teh tarik’ is being offered at their (DAP) meetings, the ones doing the serving are still the Amanah Malays.

In continuing with the divide and rule scenario, the DAP-led opposition had to pull in some bigger fish.

So through various middle men or ‘woman’, former Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Muhyiddin Yassin was told that the Kit Siang’s DAP-led opposition would back him to be prime minister (PM), if he turned against PM Najib Razak.

The idea being that if Muhyiddin Yassin were to turn against Najib then that would cause a split in Umno and result in a no confidence vote.

However, not only did Muhyiddin not have the power to rally Umno MP’s to his side, he soon found himself on the outside looking in.

The only thing that has come out of the Kit Siang – Mahathir Mohamad linkage was a plan to make Mukhriz Mahathir the PM and and Kit Siang DPM.

For Mahathir a more recent bonus beyond having Mukhriz designated as PM is Kit Siang silence over the BMF scandal; an issue that he has been vocal on over the last 30 years.

Even with all the above, Lim still did not achieve the results he so desperately wanted; a major Malay political divide.

That is probably why only a week ago he said that he wanted to extend an olive branch to Hadi Awang.

However since then the olive branch has gotten a little thorny causing Kit Siang’s love hate for Hadi Awang to turn sour yet again.

Still was Kit Siang’s initial willingness to meet with Hadi Awang out of respect for PAS and what Muslims hold dear like RUU355?

Emphatically no!

Lim is doing so because he sees PAS and Umno cooperate and that may fear him more than the prospect of his son Lim Guan Eng going to prison.

Kit Siang’s greatest fear is Malays united! – The Malaysian Observer Blog