DAP councillor rapped over “seditious” posting against Sultan of Johor

 |Nov 6, 2016
Azizi Safar (left) ticked off M. Satees for his Facebook postings against Sultan Ibrahim as "rude and disrespectful against the Malay Rulers.”
Azizi Safar (left) ticked off M. Satees for his Facebook postings against Sultan Ibrahim as “rude and disrespectful against the Malay Rulers.”

Political commentator Azizi Safar has rapped a DAP councillor from Penang over a Facebook posting against Sultan of Johor.

Azizi said the posting by M. Satees, a councillor in Seberang Perai Municipality (MPSP), against Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar was “rude and disrespectful against the Malay Rulers.”

Azizi wants the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and the police to immediately investigate Satees for sedition.

He said Satees’ posting clearly showed his ill-intention to incite hatred and instigate people to hate the constitutional monarchs in the country.

“Rulers of states have constitutional rights to demand to stop gatherings or activities in their respective states if they felt it might disrupt or threaten security and racial disunity,” said Azizi.

In his Facebook posting,  Satees, also  an ex-aide of Penang Deputy Chief Minister II P. Ramasamy, has “told off”  Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar that His Royal Highness had no power to stop anyone from taking part in peaceful assembly in Johor.

The Facebook time stamp showed that Satees had posted it at 8.19pm on Thursday Nov 3, 2016. But a check by MO on Sunday found that the posting had been removed.

In the FB posting status box, which had gone viral in the social media, the Batu Kawan DAP secretary, has told off Sultan Ibrahim that: “Know your limit. You have no power to stop anyone from taking part in any peaceful assembly.”

“So, dear Sultan, you don’t try to undermine the highest law of the land by issuing your own ‘decrees’! Please know your limits, and act accordingly as the ‘Constitutional Head of State’!!” Satees slammed the Johor Ruler.

Last Thursday, Sultan Ibrahim banned street demonstration in Johor as it would only disrupt the peace and portray a negative image of the state.

Azizi however, was not forgiving even though Satees had removed the posting, pointing out that the damage was already done.

By removing the posting, he said Satees showed he was a coward and lacked in-depth knowledge on the role of constitutional monarchs.

“If Satees was so confident about his Facebook statement, why did he cowardly remove his posting?” questioned Azizi in a text message to MO today.

“Satees no need to be more Ramasamy than Ramasamy himself to portray himself to be better than his ex-boss.  I know he is politically ambitious and dreams of replacing his boss one day.

“We don’t need rude and unethical politicians like Satees. We already have plenty of them in DAP,” said Azizi, questioning Ramasamy on whether he shared the same views as his ex-aide.

“If DAP doesn’t agree with Satees’s views, what will be the next cause of action by DAP leaders on him? After all, aren’t DAP leaders quick in condemning others?”

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