Come clean on reclamation contracts, Gerakan tells DAP government

 |Apr 5, 2017
Penang Gerakan vice-chief Lee Boon Ten (left) urged DAP state lawmakers Jagdeep Singh Deo (top right) and Lim Hock Seng not to confuse the people of Penang with contradicting figures on total land to be reclaimed.

Penang Gerakan wants the DAP-led Penang government to make the contract documents on reclamation projects for STP1, STP2 and Gurney Drive transparent and accessible to Penangites.

Its vice-chief Lee Boon Ten said this was to ease public confusion caused by inconsistent figures given by state executive councillors Lim Hock Seng and Jagdeep Singh Deo on the total acreage to be reclaimed.

During the state assembly sitting in November last year, Hock Seng reportedly said that 191 acres would be reclaimed.

Just a few days ago, Jagdeep reportedly said that only 131 acres would be reclaimed.

“So whom should we believe, Hock Seng or Jagdeep?”

“The DAP state lawmakers should stop confusing the people.

“The state government should come clean on the reclamation contracts,” said Lee in a statement today.

Lee wondered if the contracts clearly stated the total area of reclamation, as well as the size of land that would ultimately be surrendered to the state government.

“Otherwise, how come both executive councillors seem to be confused?”

“Or because the numbers keep changing until both of them too were lost over the actual figures?” Lee lamented.

Lee opined that any reclaimed land to be surrendered to the state government actually belonged to the people.

“It is not DAP’s private property. The people of Penang have the right to information,” Lee said.

Lee also said that Gerakan has yet to receive any notice to access to STP1, STP2 and Gurney Drive reclamation contracts.

“We are still waiting for the outcome of our application which was done via the Freedom of Information Act.

“If there is nothing to hide, the state government should just make the contracts available for the people of Penang to scrutinise,” Lee added.