Clarify ‘Jiang Hu’ remark Siew Khim – PCM veep Huan

 |Sep 4, 2016
The video clip featuring Keat Seong in an alleged housing bribery deal.
The video clip featuring Keat Seong in an alleged housing bribery deal.

Parti Cinta Malaysia (PCM) vice president Huan Cheng Guan has demanded DAP’s lawmaker Lim Siew Khim to explain her statement that she was from ‘Jiang Hu’, which is a modern euphemism for being from outlaw societies.

Referring to a video recording of Siew Khim interview with China Press on Saturday, Huan said she had used a threatening tone against the alleged leak of her father’s housing graft scandal, and unapologetically saying she talks rough like this as she was from ‘Jiang Hu’.

“Siew Khim should clarify what she meant by that when she addressed this to my party member?

“Will there be a need for us to lodge a police report that someone was making threats against a member of my party and a potential witness in the ongoing investigations?

“Her language and her attempts to wash her hands off her family members are unbecoming of an elected representative.

“Equally unbecoming and disappointing is DAP who continues to refuse to investigate this scandal even though the persons implicated now includes not only their elected representative’s father but now her brother and another well-known DAP member, who acted as the middleman,” said Huan on Sunday.

Siew Khim denying at a press conference last Monday that she knew about her father's 'hanky-panky' work.
Siew Khim denying at a press conference last Monday that she knew about her father’s ‘hanky-panky’ work.

Sungai Pinang assemblyman Siew Khim has been embroiled in a housing graft scandal involving her father, Lim Keat Seong after it was exposed in a video uploaded in a Facebook news channel, Penang Kini last Sunday.

Following the exposure, Siew Khim claimed that she never knew about her father’s illegal dealings of soliciting bribes from potential house buyers, promising them he can secure them affordable homes by jumping the queue.

The first video showed Keat Seong being berated by upset victims over botched deals. The video also featured Siew Khim’s brother, Ong Hock Hin.

A second video uploaded by Penang Kini on Friday revealed that Siew Khim already knew her father’s ‘hanky-panky’ works since June 2015.

The second video showed that the ‘table talk’ with the victims, which was recorded in the first video, was actually initiated by Hock Hin apparently on the assemblyman’s instruction.

Keat Seong has been remanded for a week since last Thursday by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to assist investigation into the scandal.

Siew Khim has also given her statement to MACC on Friday.

Following the second video, Siew Khim had a video interview in Mandarin with China Press, in which Huan said the elected representative not only attempted to conveniently deflect all blame to her father and her brother.

He said Siew Khim had also finger-pointed a member of PCM had called her on Keat Seong’s alleged wrong doings.

Huan demands Siew KHim to clarify on her 'Jiang Hu' remark.
Huan demands Siew Khim to clarify on her ‘Jiang Hu’ remark.

Huan said Siew Khim had tried to blame a PCM member for a conspiracy against her and even painted her own father as “trouble since she was born”.

“How can it be a conspiracy when there was clear video evidence of her father and brother engaging in the talks with the potential low-cost home buyers?

“Are these people not your father and brother whom you stay with and admitted you enjoy a good relationship with?

“Are you suggesting that my party made your family members do what they did?” asked Huan in a strongly worded press statement today.

He said Siew Khim even had the cheek to say that her mother was suffering from heart disease and worried for her.

But, Huan said Siew Khim had no qualms in dragging mother out to her press conference a few days ago where she denied all knowledge of her father’s actions.

Astoundingly, he said just mere days later and on the strength of a second video, Siew Khim was forced to admit that she has heard about this more than a year ago and had confronted her father but refused to believe it was true.

“Does this not merit any investigations?

“Do you mean that over a year, she does not know what is happening in her own constituency and what her father is doing in her own area with the people she claims she represents?” asked Huan.

Athi Shankar has been a journalist for past 30 years. He believes that democratic rights come with responsibility.