Claiming goods were seized while he was in court, hawker takes to social media to voice dissatisfaction

 |Jul 5, 2017
CCTV footage shared by Mohammad Haziq Ammar on Facebook.

GEORGE TOWN: Irked that his business belongings were allegedly seized by the Penang Island City Council (MBPP) while he was in court, a hawker took to social media to share his predicament.

Mohammad Haziq Ammar Mohd Hussain was in court yesterday for the mention of his case in which he drove off in a city council enforcement lorry to a police station after they raided his stall two months ago.

Together with his business partner, they were charged on May 5 with obstructing the duties of a public officer.

Both men pleaded not guilty to the charge and posted bail of RM7,000 each.

Mohammad Haziq Ammar, on his Facebook page yesterday, is now claiming that MBPP officers were at his premise along Jalan Tanjung Tokong, while he was in court, to seize his belongings which include a portable kitchen, tables and chairs worth RM32,100.

This allegedly after his stall selling grilled seafood was declared Illegal by the council.

According to the police report he made which he also shared on his Facebook, Mohammad Haziq Ammar claimed that council workers had carted away the goods which were kept behind his house without any notice.

“You think the youth of Tanjung Tokong are not brave enough to fight off robbers? Not all council members are bad but just the enforcement officers.

“Remember, (previously) I only took your lorry and handed it to the police station, not like what you did to us,” he ranted on his Facebook.

Mohammad Haziq Ammar also posted a closed circuit television (CCTV) camera footage which showed enforcement officers loading tables, chairs and other kitchen appliances into a lorry.

More than a dozen enforcement officers were seen alighting from the lorry.

In the earlier incident, Mohammad Haziq Ammar and his business partner, Abdul Muhaimin Mohd Hassan, drove away the council’s lorry during a raid at their stall to a nearby police station while recording it on video.

In the video, the duo claimed biasness of MBPP for only raiding Malay owned stalls and slammed the council workers for their rudeness during the raid.

In the video footage, the duo also claimed that their attempts to apply for a business  license from the council had also failed.

They also voiced dissatisfaction that the council did not give prior notice before the raid as according to them, the officers straight away seized their items.

Malaysia Outlook is currently awaiting for response from MBPP on Mohammad Haziq Ammar’s latest allegation on Facebook.