Chettiars distribute Thaipusam chariot proceeds for welfare homes

Feb 20, 2017
Representatives of the NGOs with Chettiars after receiving the contributions.
Representatives of the NGOs with Chettiars after receiving the contributions.

We, the Registered Trustees Nattukottai Chettiar Temples, Penang, wished to thank devotees for their support for the 2017 Penang Thaipusam silver chariot procession.

It has been a new experience for the silver chariot organisers and the devotees this year!

ln this regard, we thank the police for their cooperation and understanding.

For the record, the Trust has appointed an independent team to manage all donations and jewelleries received during this year’s silver chariot procession.

Cash donations during the silver chariot processions were transferred to and held in custody of a private licensed security company, who in turn held the donations in secure deposit location (including Penang police department), they were assisted by the Penang police.

The Trust too appointed an external audit firm to witness the counting of donations received including the valuing the jewelleries.

The Trust is pleased to announce that a sum of RM152,744.80 (Ringgit One Hundred and Fifty Two Thousand and Seven Hundred and Forty Four and Sen Eighty Only) has been received from the devotees, for which the trust is very grateful.

This sum was certified by the external auditor.

As in previous years, the Trust would continue to incur and absorb the cost of the Thaipusam silver chariot procession and festival celebration in the temple and provide the devotees with annathanam (free food and drinks) and facilities for the Thaipusam celebration in Penang from the Trust funds.

As statutorily required, the Trust shall submit, as in the past, its accounts to the relevant authorities.

The Trust has given donations this year for the following NGOs – PIBG SJK(T) Sungai Bakap (RM10,000), Pertubuhan Vallarar Helping Hand (RM5,OOO), Penang Shan Children’s Home Association (RM5,000) and Dhyana Ashram (RM5,OOO).

These donations were given in the presence of Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and the Health Minister S. Subramaniam on Thaipusam Day.

Registered Trustees Nattukottai Chettiar Temples, Penang