Mobile Court bus pix going viral used in Sabah, not for traffic offenders

Jan 5, 2017


The ‘bus’ photograph that went viral on social media recently is actually a mobile court used in remote areas of Sabah.

The corporate communication division at the Federal Court Chief Registrar’s office here explained in a statement that the mobile court was launched in the state in 2011 at Donggongon Penampang by the Sabah chief minister.

Sabah Courts have three mobile court buses and in 2016, the initiative was expanded to Sarawak which currently has one bus.

Telupid, Beluran and Tenom are among the places where Magistrate and Sessions court proceedings are held in the mobile court bus.

“The mobile court holds proceedings once a week or depending on the number of days set by the court for hearing,” it said.

According to the statement, the mobile court also provides other services such as ‘Commissioner of Oaths’ and assistance in preparing an application to obtain birth certificate.

The bus is equipped with computers and a satellite to facilitate the tasks involved.

Usually where feasible, the Sabah Courts would normally seek to ‘borrow’ available space at the District Council building or Native Court premises for the proceedings.

“In a way, the mobile court is cost-saving for the judiciary as there is therefore no necessity to construct a court building for the sub districts in Sabah and Sarawak, which would otherwise incur millions of ringgit,” it added.– Bernama