BN minister schools retired MACC Special Ops director

Jan 3, 2017

Abdul Rahman Dahlan

Barisan Nasional communications director Rahman Dahlan feels absurd with the statement made by retired Special Ops division director Bahri Mohamed Zin suggesting the anti-graft body had strong evidence, however Attorney-General Chambers (AGC) refused to further prosecute on the SRC International case.

Rahman reiterated that Attorney General Apandi Ali cleared the SRC case after detailing out the investigation papers.

“This is the reason systematically the investigation, prosecution and judiciary are separated in our legislative structure.

“It is done to avoid any misunderstanding and wrong doing by any of the bodies.

“Investigation powers are given to MACC and the police. Prosecution is given to AGC and to punish the judiciary has its powers.

“It will allow a harmony of ‘check and balance’ between these three bodies and to avoid any abuse of power.

“If the AG disagreed on the investigation papers, it does not amount to non-integrity.” he said via a statement.

As an example, we have Appeal and Federal courts as a legal resort if any case turned down in lower courts to uphold any justice, he highlighted.

“Sometimes we even seen at Federal court the judges who sit for any cases provide different set of judgments.

“Not necessary for all of them follow the same judgement. If one judge disagrees, do we blatantly accuse the justice?

“Same goes in AG and Bahri’s situation. The AG may have a differing view and the retired MACC man view also differs.” he added.

When I was MACC committee member, was informed by the anti-graft body that certain cases were not prosecuted due to several reasons which are not sufficient evidence, poor investigation and no merit for prosecution, he said.

“Why Bahri did not voice out the non-prosecuted cases, but only interested to jump the gun which affiliates Prime Minister Najib Razak.

“This was the plague faced by then Anti-Corruption agency (ACA) when the public thought the old anti-graft body was corrupted and used for political reasons.

“With the join force of former premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Najib a new commission was created under MACC Act to strengthen and reform the anti-corruption body.” he stressed.