Bersih man provokes police as the Yellow-Red Shirt rally kick starts

 |Nov 19, 2016

Red-Yellow Shirt Rally1

About 9.30am as seen in the vicinity of Pasar Seni Yellow shirt supporters have been seen grouping around.

Estimated crowd around 100 people.

They are heading to Dataran Maybank, Bangsar to group and march towards Dataran Merdeka area later.

Even stalls selling Bersih merchandise is seen in front of Pasar Seni.

Some people walking from Petaling street too.

Red-Yellow Shirt Rally

At about the same time, a Yellow Shirt protestor started provoking the police at the barricade blocking the route from Masjid Jamek towards Dataran Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur.

The police did not retaliate.

There were also a small group of Red Shirts supporters were seenĀ  around this area.

No untoward incident happened.

There are around 100 Yellow Shirts supporters around Masjid Jamek.

A crowd of some 200 Red Shirts briefly face off with another crowd of some 300 Yellow Shirts opposite Swiss Hotel near the LRT, as they make their way to Padang Merbok.

The Yellow Shirt security team in purple formed a human barricade to prevent the Red Shirt advance.

Cheering “Hidup Merah!,” the Red Shirts walked towards Bandaraya LRT and Sogo in Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Red-Yellow Shirt Rally