Beds and ice-cream, Jamal’s latest antic at Selangor SUK

 |Jan 25, 2017


Red shirts leader Jamal Yunos stepped up his latest antic today at the Selangor state secretariat building (SUK) with beds and ice-cream, as a symbol of prostitution syndicates which he claims the Selangor state government failed to act.

Jamal set up 10 beds in front of the main gate of the building and came with an ice-cream box attached to his Harley Davidson bike.

He claimed that there are 4,000 premises in Selangor which provide a special service to their customers.

“You can go anywhere, just go to Ampang, Gombak, or in Sungai Besar, there will be these so-called ‘rumah urut’ (massage parlours).

“How can these so-called massage parlours are given licence by the authorities when there are sexual elements?” he told newsmen.

When asked to explain on the ‘free ice-cream’, Jamal referred to the act of oral sex.


According to Jamal, the flourishing massage parlours in the state seemed like the state’s new scheme and labelled as ,‘Rumah urut SelangorKu’.

“Maybe this could be the state’s new project. That is why there are so many massage parlours. They get the licence from the local council.

“I can guarantee if you want to open a restaurant you will never get a licence but if you want to open a massage parlour, you will get one,” he added.

Jamal is willing to be Menteri Besar Azmin Ali’s driver for a day to show him the locations of the massage parlours.

He slammed Azmin for allowing such businesses to operate freely.

Jamal also said he will be touring Selangor to expose illegal activities in the state and will let the public know about the activities and the illegal money that the state is receiving from massage parlours and gambling outlets.