Australia: Donald Trump gives Malcolm Turnbull a roasting and puts the deputy sheriff in his place

Feb 3, 2017
Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.
Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

It is probably the lowest point reached in US Australia relations.

The Australians often too ready to brag the world what the US and its presidents think of them and how Australian prime ministers have managed to get to connect with their US counterparts on a first name basis today received what could only be a snub and reminder of the true nature of their relationship with the US.

Australia is in the eyes of many nothing short of a colonial outpost of the British and a second class ally of the US.

Australia has always been seen by its neighbours as the “deputy sheriff” John Howard coveted as a role for his country at the time of the Australia’s annexation of East Timor from Indonesia.

Malcolm Turnbull whose government has been part and parcel of the Clinton Obama led Regime Change in our region has now come face to face with the reality that there is new world order under a no nonsense, politically incorrect Donald Trump administration in Washington.

Donald Trump and Malcolm Turnbull had earmarked a full hour for a “robust” telephone conversation to iron out what president Obama (and Hillary Clinton) had negotiated with Australia over Australia’s “refugee problem” of illegal immigrants sitting offshore on Manus island in Papua New Guinea.

Australia does not want these refugees.

In their view they don’t qualify as refugees for one reason or the other.

Obama’s worst deal ever done

The Turnbull government in an effort to deflect local resistance to Australia’s own immigration policy did a sweetheart deal with the departing Obama administration in which the Obama administration agreed it would take the balance of “refugees” in Manus Island for resettlement in the USA.

But not during Obama’s diminishing term in office.

“Not going to happen” said Donald Trump who called the Obama deal with Turnbull “the worst deal that was ever done” which his government was “not going to be bound by”.

The conversation reflecting the US presidents anger ended in a mere 25 minutes instead of the full one hour allocated to it.

President Trump called the deal a “dumb deal” and the telephone conversation with Malcolm Turnbull the worst he’s had with a number of world leaders.

In fact it is reported President Trump said their conversation was the “worst by far” of the four phone calls he had on Saturday US time with world leaders including Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Whilst Turnbull and his staff went on an emergency PR exercise to contain the damage, the US president tweeted as follows:
“Do you believe it? The Obama Administration agreed to take thousands of illegal immigrants from Australia. Why? I will study this dumb deal!”

Australia’s prestige and its fortunes around Asia is also beginning to crumble with recent revelations that the Gillard, Rudd and Abbott governments (in which the rabidly anti-Malaysian Julie Bishop was once deputy prime minister now foreign minister) unlawfully diverted state funds of between $88,000,000 to $340,000,000 by some estimates over 10 years to support the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) which is now winding up in the USA.

And whilst in the know of that scandal Julie Bishop in August 2016 publicly expressed “concerns about allegations of corruption in Malaysia’s government”.

She also backed the ABC TV crew detained in Sabah after they insulted Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Oddly the same ABC appears terribly shy of reporting on the Gillard, Rudd Abbott scandal involving the illegal ‘donations’ to the Clinton Global Initiative.

The CGI as earlier reported funded regime change in Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Egypt, Thailand, Tunisia, Syria , Turkey Ukraine and in many other parts of the world.

The scandal of Australian spy services tapping into the telephones of former Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudyono has begun to resurface in Indonesia with further revelations that Australia continues to interfere with the domestic politics of Indonesia.

Australia is believed to be a big backer of the governor aspirant Ah Hock an ethnic Chinese Indonesian dubbed ‘Mr. Clean’ when in fact his family’s wealth was accumulated during the brutal, corrupt and bloody reign of the late General Suharto.

As the truth about Australia’s seemingly incorruptible government – according to them- begins to unfold with their unfortunate links to a world empire Hillary Clinton had dreamed of, Southeast Asian governments are keenly watching and re assessing the corruption within Australia’s judiciary, that other arm of its government and its parliament.

Revelations that particularly in Queensland, Lithuanian hacker Alexis Kuznetsov claims more than half of the judiciary is beholden to private interests from their time at the Bar.

Syed Ali Khan is a Malaysia Outlook reader living in London.