Anina mere pawn in Mahathir’s play

Jan 9, 2017
Scandal ridden Muhyiddin Yassin (left) and Anina Saadudin.
Scandal ridden Muhyiddin Yassin (left) and Anina Saadudin.

Some say the best defence is a good offensive.

That is what former Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Muhyiddin Yassin appears to be doing – keeping the light of scrutiny pointed towards someone, anyone else; in this case it is former (yes/no/might have been) Pribumi women’s chief.

Muhyiddin’s accession is that she was sacked because she was not up to the job.

I guess she was up to the task until those juicy sexting’s came to light; then it was all bets are off.

Just like magic, Pakatan Harapan’s brand of politics is all about illusion; focus the rakyat’s attention on one thing and away from anything of significance.

At the moment it seems that Pribumi was putting all of their eggs in Muhyiddin’s basket.

So in Pribumi’s rationale, taking extra liberties with another man’s wife is less offensive than cyber-sexting.

Or does it really come down to Pribumi (Mahathir Mohamad) seeing Muhyiddin as being more valuable than Anina for the ultimate goal; installing Mukhriz Mahathir as prime minister (PM) in the next (never going to happen) few years.

After all, it would be easier to try and ram Muhyiddin down the throats of the pubic than Anina.

As assets go, Anina does not carry the same value as a former DPM; even one with a lacklustre (other than his scandal) past.

In fact, some wonder if Mahathir is just using Muhyiddin as a carrot with the hope of getting a few bites then when more information is learned about his (Muhyiddin’s) alleged affair Mahathir can quickly replace him with his son Mukhriz.

What Anina begins to wake up from her Pribumi nightmare, she may begin to grasp that she is just another pawn in Mahathir’s overall scheme.

Not only is she a pawn, but she was used as window dressing just as long as she had no baggage.

When the baggage came in, they quickly got her out.

Anina now realises that Mahathir would only intervene when he saw it as a benefit to himself.

The only comfort he offered Anina was a story about how he became PM after he was put out of Umno.

Maybe he can retell the story to Muhyiddin when Pribumi drops him as their president because of his extracurricular activity.

Of course, Muhyiddin does not want the light focused on him so he will do all he can to keep it shinning on Anina.

That is why they say the best defence is a good offensive, but in Muhyiddin case; his offence is borderline offensive! – The Malaysian Observer Blog