Amanah is to table its own syariah motion

 |Oct 18, 2016
Khalid Samad (left) announced that they would be tabling an alternative motion to amend the syariah law which will be similar in principles as submitted by PAS President Hadi Awang.
Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad (left) announced that Amanah would be tabling an alternative motion to amend the syariah law, which would be similar in principles as the one submitted by PAS president Hadi Awang.

Amanah will table an alternative motion in the current Parliament sitting to amend the syariah law.

The motion submitted by Kota Raja MP Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud to the Speaker last week is similar in principles to that of PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang’s’s private member’s bill, said Amanah communications director Khalid Samad.

“Ours will be more acceptable as it will be more in line with the constitution,” the Shah Alam MP told reporters when met at Parliament lobby.

The private member’s bill tabled by the PAS president did not come up for debate during Monday parliamentary session although it was listed as the fourth on the agenda.

The bill to amend the Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act 1965 motion submitted by Hadi on May 26 this year will have to wait and it was not clear for how long.

Parliament was adjourned yesterday after the reading of the Advocates Ordinance (Sabah) (Amendments) Bill and there will be other government matters to be discussed over the next few days before the tabling of the Budget 2017 by Prime Minister and Finance Minister I Najib Razak this Friday.

Hadi was seen arriving in Parliament for the start of the meeting on Monday but he left at noon without speaking to newsmen.

PAS vice-president Idris Ahmad when met at the lobby said the party would not give up until the bill has been passed.

When questioned by reporters if Barisan Nasional (BN) parliamentarians were in support of the bill, he said reporters should ask Najib.

“Ask the Prime Minister lah. We just did our duty of putting forth the issue. What comes next is not up to us,” he said.

PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan when met admitted that it may not be tabled.

“However, we still have 25 days for this Parliament meeting so we are hopeful,” said Takiyuddin.

In response to Amanah’s Bill, MCA Religious Harmony Bureau chairman Ti Lian Ker slammed DAP for being in cahoots with its ally to deceive non-Muslims again.