Alor Star residents jittery over 100 stray dogs in neighbourhoods

 |Jul 10, 2017

ALOR STAR: Residents of Taman Low Ju Huat and Taman Jaya Kami near Cowboy Market here are getting anxious over the presence of over 100 stray dogs in their neighbourhoods.

A resident of Taman Low Ju Huat, Mahadzir Hashim, 60, said their number has grown since early this year and that the dogs are gathering and sleeping in large groups at certain houses here.

“(The problem is due to) irresponsible people who abandon canines they cannot take care of opposite the market.

“(To make matters worse), people are giving food to the stray dogs and this attracts others to the area,” said Mahadzir, who has been living in Taman Low Ju Huat for the past 20 years.

He said the dogs not only threaten the safety of residents, especially children and senior citizens, but are also creating a foul smell due to the rubbish bins that they ransack and the faeces they leave at house compounds.

“The sounds of the dogs barking, especially at night, also disturb our children in their studies,” he said.

Housewife Aizam Ahmad, 45, said her children are always being chased by the stray dogs and they are afraid to go outdoors.

“Sometimes we need to use firecrackers to drive the dogs away,” she said. – Bernama