Ahmad Said joining PAS is mere smokescreen

 |Aug 8, 2016
Ahmad Said (right) just cannot accept Ahmad Razif  as Terengganu Menteri Besar (left).
Ahmad Said (right) just cannot accept Ahmad Razif as Terengganu Menteri Besar (left).

PAS is definitely not buying Kijal assemblyman Ahmad Said’s enticement to leave Umno and join the Islamist party.

Terengganu PAS commissioner Satiful Bahri Mamat described Ahmad Said’s bait as a mere smokescreen to duck before launching his real political agenda.

He insisted that Ahmad Said, the former Menteri Besar, actually preferred to join the new party set up by former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

He pointed out that Ahmad’s appointment as non-governmental organisation (NGO) Perkasa state chief on July 21 was a tell-tale sign that he was a close confidante of Mahathir.

Perkasa, seen as a racial supremacist organisation by majority non-Malays in the country, is affiliated with Dr Mahathir.

Satiful said Ahmad’s obvious ultimate motive was to overthrow Prime Minister Najib Razak, an agenda pursued relentlessly by Mahathir to appoint his son Mukhriz as the country’s prime minister.

“Ahmad is an ambitious man and a close associate of Dr Mahathir.

“He doesn’t fear any disciplinary action, indeed just waiting for it to happen.

“When he said he wanted to leave Umno and join PAS, I knew there was no way he was joining us.

“He is merely using PAS as a smokescreen to pursue a bigger ambition,” Satiful reportedly told the media today.

Ahmad was appointed the new Perkasa’s Terengganu chief on the same he declined to accept a government post offered by Terengganu Menteri Besar Ahmad Razif.

Ties between Ahmad Said and his successor Ahmad Razif have been strained after the Kemaman Umno division chief was forced to step down as mentri besar in May 2014.

Ahmad Said and two other state Umno assemblymen then quit the party, which resulted in the BN becoming a minority government in Terengganu for a brief 48 hours that ended only after Umno president and Barisan Nasional national chairman Najib intervened.

The trio subsequently rejoined Umno.

Last March, Terengganu Speaker Mohd Zubir Embong rejected Ahmad Said’s move to table a motion of no-confidence against Ahmad Razif at the state assembly.

Umno holds a knife-edge two-seat lead with 17 seats in the 32-seat Terengganu state legislative assembly while opposition parties PAS and PKR have 14 and one, respectively.