Age catching up ‘u-turn’ Mahathir

Jan 22, 2017
Mahathir's u-turn, one too many.
Mahathir’s u-turn, one too many.

In yet another u-turn in less than a week (the first being his new support for BR1M), Mahathir Mohamad once again backtracks and now says that it was the MCA who asked for the post of deputy prime minister. (DPM)

This is the same Mahathir who used to challenge audiences to check the full text of the speech that he was giving to see if he made any mistakes.

Now for probably the first time, Mahathir comes out and admits he made a mistake without being first being asked to admit he made a mistake.

Why now and why not when he kept changing goal posts during his incessant claims about 1Malaysian Development Berhad (1MDB), which were found to be incorrect?

Why did he not do so after he knew that he did not have anywhere close to the one million plus signature that he was initially so proud to have in his possession?

It seems that Mahathir had also forgotten about his claim that he would keep his mouth closed, if he were to lose a popularity referendum against Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Sarawak, Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar proved that there was no Mahathir factor.

To drive the popularity referendum point further; the people did not turn out to join Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Pribumi) nor did the flock to the streets during Mahathir’s orchestrated turn up at Bersih 5!

Evidently Mahathir did forget what he said because he was still talking and to Lim Kit Siang chagrin; talking too much.

Kit Siang would have rather preferred any secret pack that would have him become DPM and finance minister remained secret.

In that way he could feign surprise when asked to accept the post.

Mukhriz Mahathir is to be PM and Lim Kit Siang to be DPM if Pakatan-Pribumi axis wins Putrajaya in GE14.
Mukhriz Mahathir is to be PM and Lim Kit Siang to be DPM if Pakatan-Pribumi axis wins Putrajaya in GE14.

Now that the proverbial can is out of the bag he cannot be happy.

Kit Siang knows that Malays would not like the arrangement and the DAP-led Pakatan Harapan so called partners would feel duped.

The latter group will feel like a lover who just before the wedding finds out that the one whom they gave their love had eloped with someone else.

That is why Mahathir’s most recent slippage has muddled seriously muddled the waters of the secret arrangement that he supposedly entered with Kit Siang, which would make Kit Siang DPM and finance minister and Mukhriz Mahathir PM if the Pakatan were to win the 14th General Election (GE14).

Now with their (Mahathir, Kit Siang) plans sinking faster than Hillary Clinton during her losing bid to become the US President during election night, Kit Siang, who had no doubt, told Mahathir to fix the mess he created by talking too much.

Mahathir wanting had no choice but to reply or all his schemes to date would be for naught.

Therefore the first thing he had to do was to find a “similar” group to blame it on.

Since Mahathir initially said the DAP requested the post he could not point his finger at a non Chinese political party because that would be apples to oranges.

In blaming the MCA he traded ‘an apple’ for ‘an apple’.

The next thing Mahathir has to do to make this most recent u-turn believable and try to get some sympathy was to blame his memory lapse on old age.

Mahathir knows that once he played the age card, it was virtually game over as everything he says subsequent to that would be suspect! – The Malaysian Observer Blog