Adopt sports as a lifestyle – PM

 |Oct 8, 2016
PM Najib (left) and Khairy to take up sports as their lifestyle.
PM Najib (left) and Khairy to take up sports as their lifestyle.

Prime Minister Najib Razak wants Malaysians to treat sports as a healthy lifestyle instead of taking part in the activities only during the National Sports Day.

The premier said if participation in sports was only limited to the National Sports Day, it would not become the platform to develop healthy and fit Malaysians.

“I want the National Sports Day to be defined as being active in sports every day. There is no necessity to indulge in sports formally. If the distance is not far, we can walk (to the destination). If we have to go up two or three floors, there is no need to use the lift, just climb the staircase.

“Eating habit must also be looked after, reject food that is rich in fat, do not choose delicious food only, but one that is tasty and healthy,” he said when launching the National Sports Day 2016 at Putrajaya today.

The second Saturday of October has been chosen as the National Sports Day.

It is the initiative of the Youth and Sports Ministry with the objective of transforming Malaysia into a sporting nation.

Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamalludin, who was present, also echoed Najib’s views, calling on Malaysians to include sports in their daily activities.

“Don’t wait for the National Sports Day to indulge in sports,” he said.

National Sports Day 2016 (HSN2016) has been targeting seven million or 20% of Malaysians to participate in the variety of activities planned to be held simultaneously nationwide, compared to the 4.2 million people who participated in the programme last year.

Although it was estimated about 30,000 people participated in activities organised in conjunction with HSN2016, Khairy it was premature to gauge exact number of participants for the main event.

“I cannot announce the number of total participants yet as I have to see the monitoring report done by the National Sports Day secretariat first.

“On paper, we can say that it achieved the target of seven million, but I need to get the detailed report early tomorrow morning and it can only be announced tomorrow,” he told newsmen.

“The confidence to increase the targeted participants for next year will definitely be high.”