Actor Bill Paxton dead at 61

 |Feb 27, 2017
Actor Bill Paxton passed away last weekend due to complications from surgery. – File pic credit Big Love (2006).

He went to space on board the Apollo 13, he scoured the bed of the North Atlantic Ocean in search of the Titanic and he chased twisters and tornadoes, just to name a few.

His name was Bill Paxton and throughout his Hollywood career, he has appeared in various blockbuster movies, from Apollo 13 alongside Tom Hanks, Titanic alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet and Twister with Helen Hunt.

Due to complications during surgery, Paxton passed away on Saturday, according to Rolling Stones.

The New York Times meanwhile said the death was announced yesterday by a family representative.

Born in 1955, Paxton was 61 and would have turned 62 this May 17.

He is survived by his wife Louise Newbury and their two children, James and Lydia.

Apart from the big screen, Paxton was also doing television shows, with the latest one being Training Day, where he played the role of Detective Frank Rourke.

The show which is in its first season is a follow-up to a movie of the same title in 2001, which starred Denzel Washington.

Prior to that, Paxton also appeared in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as John Garrett and in mini-series Texas Rising as Sam Houston.

Suffice to say, Paxton has enjoyed an illustrious career since he began acting in the mid 70s.

Fellow actors and Hollywood friends took to social media to speak about his passing.

Former True Lies co-star Jamie Lee Curtis wrote on her official Twitter account, “Nooooo. Bill Paxton is gone. Such a funny, talented, loving human. Louise and the children and family my love and support to you. #truelies.”

“Bill Paxton was, simply, a wonderful man. A wonderful man… Hanx,” wrote Tom Hanks on Twitter.

Terminator actor and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger wrote how Paxton could play any role but was the best at playing his wonderful self.

“Bill Paxton could play any role, but he was best at being Bill – a great human being with a huge heart. My thoughts are with his family,” Schwarzenegger wrote.