About Us

We Are A Non-Government Organisation Dedicated To The Proposition That Citizens Have A Right To Good Governance.

PERSPEK, the Malaysian “Right to Good Governance” NGO.

PERSPEK, a new Malaysian NGO dedicated principally to the proposition that “Citizens
have a right to good governance” will be launched on July 8, 2016.

In promoting good governance of which integrity is an integral put, both in government and
business, we will urge and encourage the Government to develop public policies that are
inclusive. We believe this will help the Government to hasten the process of creating a united
Bangsa Malaysia as part of the larger aims of 1Malaysia.

PERSPEK believes that the development of 1Malaysia must be based on a healthy respect by
all Malaysians for the Constitution of Malaysia. Towards this end, our Organisation will
support the Government’s Transformation Programmes and all its policies for a more open
and inclusive society. We believe strongly in national integration, but not assimilation as the
only way forward for a peaceful, progressive and prosperous Malaysia that is our birthright.
The unique cultural, religious and ethnic diversity of our nation must be preserved at all
costs. It is of the utmost importance that we protect and not disturb the nation’s peace and
harmony. History has brought us together and together we shall inherit the Malaysian dream.
It is up to us to make that happen.

PERSPEK is not aligned to or affiliated with, any political party and, therefore, is not
obliged to support political activities of any party, except those activities that accord with and
reflect the basic, underlying principles and values of lMalaysia.

PERSPEK will launch its MALAYSIA OUTLOOK portal on July 18. Malaysia Outlook is
presented in a magazine format, incorporating news and analyses for “The Thinking
Malaysian’ In keeping with our aim of engaging with our younger generation, items of
specific interest to them will be featured regularly. We promise an exciting portal for all.

July 2, 2016