MCA’s 10 Promises

 |Apr 16, 2018

MCA’s 10 Promises to the Rakyat of Malaysia

1. Safeguard Moderation

We commit to preserve moderation in the Government, strive to defend our core national institutions and uphold the Federal Constitution and the Rukun Negara.

2. Ensure Checks and Balances

To boldly represent the Constitutional rights and interests of the Malaysian Chinese and other communities within the context of our Malaysian society, and to ensure checks and balances within our multi-racial Government.

3. Youth and Women Empowerment

We pledge to empower women and youth with new business, job and training opportunities, develop entrepreneurship skills in line with TN50, whilst working to appoint youth and women into key decision-making positions in all levels of the local, state, federal Governments and the party, and entrust youth and women leadership in the political agenda.

In line with TN50, MCA will create a platform for youth leadership development and skills training besides organising activities and projects for youths to empower and align them with mainstream government plans and policies, whilst reskilling youths for the digital revolution.

4. Enhance the Quality of Chinese Education

We are committed towards ensuring the UEC is recognised, a systematic approach in the construction of new SJKCs and their allocations. We are also committed towards developing a Chinese Education Blueprint to modernise Chinese schools, including enhancing the mastery of Bahasa Malaysia and the English Language

5. Setting Forth Education in the World Stage

We undertake to modernise and globalise education, R&D and its commercialisation through our Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), TAR University College and VTAR Institute so that young Malaysians, our future leader can fulfil their potential through toq quality education regardless of ethnicity or family background.

6. Harnessing Belt and Road Initiative

We are committed to global and regional connectivity especially with Malaysia’s storng ties with China and the ASEAN Economic Community. We will leverage on the China connectivity by opening up businesses, trading and investment opportunities in China and with Chinese entrepeneurs.

7. Digital Economy and Innovation

MCA is committed to transform traditional businesses, especially the small and medium enterprises including cottage industries and home-bound enterprises, to ride on the wave of e-commerce, as part of MCA’s effort to improve the incomes of the low and medium-income group.

It is also our aim to steer the Chinese community to adapt to changes, innovations and trends stemming from the digital economy more efficiently and productively, whilst harnessing a larger share of opportunities arising therein.

8. Quantum Leap in Business and Finance

We undertake to establish the KOJADI Co-operative Bank and to enhance the functions of the Secretariat for the Advancement of Malaysia Entrepreneurs (SAME) in order to widen the financial support for SMEs and entrepreneurs to grow domestically and to expand overseas.

9. Neo-Urbanised Townships

We will transform New Villages into neo-urbanised centres that promote e-commerce, modern agriculture, and eco/cultural tourism.

10. Accessible Healthcare

We will ensure better access to healthcare at affordable fees. We seek to establish UTAR Hospital to become a premier healthcare institution that will combine Western and complementary medicine such as traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Ayurveda.