Malaysians rallying to get voters home to vote

 |Apr 13, 2018

KUALA LUMPUR: A group on social media helping Malaysians who cannot afford to balik kampung to vote has collected RM65,461 as of 9am yesterday.

The Twitter group #UndiRabu received 328 aid requests and 171 donors between 9am to 3pm on Wednesday.

The figures released by two of its members, @AdrianNCF and @bumilangit, recorded a surplus of RM17,711 with the movement saying it would open up more assistance requests as soon as possible.

#UndiRabu told Malay Mail Online that the group comprised several friends on Twitter, but declined to reveal their identities.

The movement revealed that most of the requests for help came from young adults who were first-time voters, many of whom were students of public and private institutions of higher learning.

It offered to subsidise travel expenses, offering RM200 for flights (for East Malaysia). For West Malaysia, the rate is RM100 (train), RM50 (bus) and RM50 for those driving.

Malaysians have expressed enthusiasm on social media about voting after the Election Commission announced that polling day would be held on May 9, a Wednesday.

The caretaker government later declared polling day in the 14th general election would be a public holiday.

Meanwhile, Malaysians on Twitter have been offering creative solutions to ensure more go home to vote in a related hashtag, #PulangMengundi.

A boutique hotel in Ipoh offered rooms for only RM14 at M Boutique Ipoh and M Roof Hotel & Residences to those from Ipoh using the promo code GE14.

Twitter user Syaza Rahizad announced 50 per cent off room rates of Sky Empire, a homestay for families in Kuala Lumpur to those who needed lodging on May 9.

Some Malaysians have also taken to the hashtag to earn money to head home to vote.

This included Twitter user and freelance graphic designer Atiiq Azman who offered to produce digital portraits to earn some money to head home to Kedah to vote while Jesse Joy offered her embroidery art called ‘Ornamentals’, ranging from RM40 to RM70, to raise funds for her flight home to vote.

Others used their skills to earn some quick cash to help others. One of them was graphic designer Sarah, who used the handle @_raraleong. She offered three slots to produce vector illustration portraits at RM50 each to channel the profits to send a Twitter user home to Pasir Mas in Kelantan.

Meanwhile, Twitter user Arif Eddy announced that local apparel company Cipta was rewarding those who returned from other states to Johor to cast their vote with a free Raya outfit.

Arif said the promo applied to all races and gender as long as they were registered voters and they could claim their free outfit at Cipta after they have voted.