#PulangMengundi helps voters to vote on May 9

 |Apr 10, 2018

KUALA LUMPUR: As news of a mid-day polling day starts to sink in, Malaysians are beginning to rally against the Election Commission’s announcement.

Just hours after the annoucement, and as angry Malaysians railed against the news, some individuals took to social media to work around the inconvenience.

Some employers started tweeting that they were closing their office on that day so that their staff could go and vote on May 9. Architect Ny Seksan was one of them and he tweeted that he was allowing his staff to take two days paid leave on Tuesday and Thursday.

Christopher Raj, the CEO of ShekinahPR Sdn Bhd tweeted that the office would be closed on Tuesday and Wednesday so that employees could ‘balik kampung’ to vote. Further, he tweeted that the management would absorb the employees’ travel expenses.

Meanwhile, a Twitter user with the handle klubbkidd, started the #PulangMengundi movement, tweeted that “if people have problems taking time off to vote, or can’t afford to – please use the hashtag, and maybe someone can help”.

Responding to klubbkidd, some people have started offering monetary assistance and even carpooling to help people to go home to vote.

klubbkidd also aasked AirAsia and Malindo Air to lower fares for people to return home to vote, or perhaps sponsor a few?

One person even asked if Grab if it had a promo for people wanting to back to vote.

Needless to say, #GE14 is trending on Twitter.

Meanwhile, polls watchdog Bersih 2.0 had urged Putrajaya to declare a public holiday on that date.