KJ banks on catchy polls video to bait youths

 |Apr 10, 2018


A creative video featuring Khairy Jamaluddin outlining Barisan Nasional’s big plans for youth ahead of GE14 has gone viral.

In the three-minute and 25-second video clip, the Youth and Sports Minister donned a dark blue shirt, and said, “Looking for a job? We will give more job opportunities and training for you within six months.”

The Umno Youth chief then moved to talk to a group of youth holding banners, saying that Barisan would give them higher pay and incentives to further improve their skills.

He also promised that the government would give young working women more flexible job times, including working from home.

Khairy added that the government would help all segments, including those working in the civil and private sectors.

“Youths living in rural areas will not be forgotten. We will make sure there will be plenty of opportunities for them, too,” he said.

He was also seen taking “wefies” with young adults in the video.

In a segment on opportunities for youth entrepreneurs, Khairy also referred to the recent Rendangate controversy, “one ayam percik, is it crispy?”

“We will ensure there will be less bureaucracy for youth entrepreneurs to get their loans through the Youth Employment Network.

“The entrepreneurs will be protected and will have full access to the relevant government agencies,” he said.

He said the government would also build more affordable houses and transit homes for youth.

“We have bus services, fast and cheap Internet, as well as early health screening.

“We will provide opportunities to all segments. We will not allow anyone to be left behind,” he said.

“I am Khairy Jamaluddin. Let us empower the youth,” he said.

Barisan Youth is expected to reveal its manifesto on April 10.- The Star