10 Promises and 10 Initiatives by MCA

 |Apr 8, 2018
Foto: Facebook Liow Tiong Lai.

KUALA LUMPUR: The MCA has put forward 10 Promises and 10 Initiatives in its general election manifesto, with the empowerment of youths as the main pillar.

The manifesto was launched by MCA president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai today.

“The MCA manifesto for the GE14 is the party’s initiative to ensure that the Barisan Nasional manifesto can be implemented more effectively and that no one, regardless of their race, will be sidelined.

“Therefore, we will do our best and we give assurance to the Chinese community and all the people in the country that we will implement this manifesto,” Liow told a press conference after the launch.

The 10 Promises include the promise to empower youth and women with new business and job training opportunities to develop entrepreneurship skills in line with National Transformation 2050; and to leverage on the China connectivity by opening up businesses, trading and investment opportunities in China and with Chinese entrepreneurs.

In the manifesto, MCA also promised to be committed to transforming traditional businesses, especially the small and medium entreprises, including cottage industries and home-bound entreprises, to ride on the wave of e-commerce to improve the life of low and medium income groups.

It also promised to transform new villages into neo-urbanised centres that promote e-commerce, modern agriculture and eco-cultural tourism.

Besides the 10 Promises, MCA also listed 10 Initiatives to be taken if the party received the people’s mandate in the coming election.

The 10 Initiatives include efforts to establish a Central Monitoring Unit or bureau comprising academicians, professionals, entrepreneurs and non-governmental organisations leaders to monitor government policies, plans and programmes to ensure fair, just and effective implementation.

The party will also take the initiative to establish a digital economy and innovation council to encourage traditional businesses especially small and medium industries to embrace innovations arising from e-commerce and the digital revolution.

For the world class tertiary education, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman will set up its teaching hospital in Kampar, Perak, to offer quality and affordable healthcare services, besides enhancing the university’s capacity for post-graduate studies. – Bernama