Parti Bersama Malaysia claims party flags ‘stolen’

 |Apr 5, 2018


GEORGE TOWN: Things in Penang are starting to heat up politically when Parti Bersama Malaysia (MU) claims that their party flags have been “stolen” by the Penang Island Municipal Council (MBPP) under the DAP-led Penang state government.

Party president Lim Boo Chang alleged that some 50 of the party flags were confiscated by the MBPP in the 10.45am incident today in Halaman York in conjunction with the opening of the party’s Datuk Keramat service centre.

He said despite attempts to negotiate with the council for the flags to be put up for an hour marking the opening ceremony and would be removed after the event, they were still taken away.

“However they did not even want to hear us out and proceeded to remove our flags.

“Before this some 100 flags have already been confiscated in Macallum and we were made to pay a fine of RM1,000,” said Lim here today.

He went on to describe the DAP as hitting below the belt over such an act by using the MBPP to fight with such a small party like MU.

“We’re being oppressed by the DAP in Penang.

“They claim to be democratic but clearly in this incident, the action does not reflect that,” he said.