Najib: Stronger mandate for BN will see Malaysia soar

 |Apr 4, 2018

PUTRAJAYA: A strong mandate for Barisan Nasional (BN) in the coming general election will be the key to unleashing more good things for Malaysians and will spur the country to greater heights, says Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

“What I’m asking for is not just a victory but also a strong government so that we’ll be able to deliver more for the people,” he told senior editors at his office here today.

Najib, who is BN chairman, said he was determined to make Malaysia one of the top nations with strong economic growth that would benefit the country’s over 30 million population.

“Our target is nothing short of being one of the top nations in the world, nothing short of that. I want Malaysia to be a first-tier nation and I’m determined to get us there,” said Najib, who became prime minister in 2009.

He added that a strong mandate from the people for BN would also strengthen the ringgit and boost both Bursa Malaysia and foreign investment.

On the BN manifesto to be launched on Saturday, Najib said the main message would be to invite the people to stand with BN to “Make Malaysia Great”.

“We’ve delivered, and we stand by our track record of the past five years. And even before that, we’ve delivered. You cannot deny that fact.”

Najib added that during his administration, the country’s economy had been well managed despite the global economic challenges arising from the subprime mortgage in the US and the drop in world oil prices.

The prime minister said the ringgit, currently at RM3.86 to the US dollar, was strengthening based on market sentiments and fundamentals.

As such, he said, BN wanted to focus on the country’s future agenda to ensure that Malaysia remained ahead of other countries.

“That’s why I want this (strong) mandate, a fresh mandate from the people.” – Bernama