Clare Brown helps Cambridge Analytica destroy Mukhriz

Mar 21, 2018
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By Raggie jessy

Does anyone know what the backfire effect is?

Well, let us suppose that you’re having an argument with your friend regarding, say, 1MDB, or even better, the ownership of the yacht that Indonesian authorities recently seized off the coast of Banoa Bay. You tell your friend – who happens to be a staunch Pakatan Harapan supporter – that the whole “Jho Low owns the yacht “ thingy was nothing but the doing of a global media collective sponsored by George Soros and Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Now, though your facts may be adequate, your suitcase of evidence may not. So you assume that your friend will see things your way should you present him (or her) with rational lines of reasoning. However, the minute you do that, you discover that all you did was embolden his (or her) false beliefs. It then strikes you that no matter how compelling your arguments are, all your friend does is pick the side that reinforces his (or her) views against your lines of reasoning.

And it works both ways – a truth seeker will only pick sides to stories that are substantiated with evidence, while a blind follower will pick whichever side that suits his (or her) prejudices. Last Sunday, Clare Rewcastle Brown emboldened the truth seeking group by accusing Barisan Nasional of manipulating the 2013 general election (GE13). According to her, the administration of Datuk Seri Najib Razak had obtained the services of Cambridge Analytica (CA), a New York-based entity created as an offshoot to the United Kingdom (UK) based Strategic Communications Laboratory (CSL).

Clare’s ‘disclosure’ followed Saturday’s suspension of CA and the SCL Group by Facebook. On Saturday, the social media and social networking giant penalised the electoral research group following reports that CA used the stolen data to help rig the American election. Clare wasted little time linking Najib to the scandal by ‘disclosing’ that SCL was jointly led by one of the Prime Minister’s “most significant political advocates in the United Kingdom (UK),” Lord Marland.

Yes, Lord Marland, the guy who once chauffeured Najib around during the Prime Minister’s visit to the Vatican. Or, Lord Marland, the man who told Najib that he would be the longest living human in Malaysian history. I wouldn’t be surprised if Clare had thrown in Lord Vader himself, the guy who sold Najib the triple-pointed light saber to help the Prime Minister defeat Luke Skywalker.

Get my drift?

When it comes to Clare, any name will do, fake or real, as long as long as that name can be associated one way or the other with Najib or his cat. In the case of Marland, the Sarawak Report Chief Editor wants you to believe that the former helped the Prime Minister rig the 13th general election. But the vast majority of Malaysians are no longer paying attention to Clare.

Quite the opposite, they’re sick and tired of her lies and are demanding to know how she came to the conclusion that Najib colluded with Marland to fix the Malaysian election. As far as they’re concerned, if the allegation ain’t coming from the horse’s mouth, it ain’t worth considering. To them, the only way we’ll know for sure if the Prime Minister conspired with Marland is if the guys from SCL themselves were to confirm or deny the allegation.

Well, guess what?

That’s precisely what they did!

Just yesterday, a representative from the group confirmed that it had indeed rendered some services to a member of the Malaysian political landscape. But the person they referred to was not the Prime Minister or anyone currently attached to the Najib administration. On the contrary, they were referring to Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir, the onetime Menteri Besar of Kedah and guy who dreams of becoming next Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Yes, we’re talking the son of Mahathir and the man currently heading Parti Prime Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) by proxy. According to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), SCL confirmed that it reported directly to Mukhriz, meaning, the UK based firm was in no way associated with Barisan Nasional or the Federal Government. And that’s what we call news “coming straight from the horse’s mouth.” Judging by what the ‘horses’ told us, it is entirely possible that Mukhriz rigged the 2013 Kedah elections to skew the results in his favour.

Now how do you like that?

Is she not aware what Mukhriz told newsmen yesterday? According to the Kedah-born, Azrin Rizal used to be his press officer back when he (Mukhriz) served as the International Trade and Industry deputy minister. What this means, is that Rizal was right up there with Mukhriz somewhere around the time GE13 happened. Under the circumstances, is it not possible that SCL rewarded Rizal for introducing a customer whose billionaire father could afford to rig the entire Kedah election?

See where I’m going with this?

On the one hand, we have nothing but conjecture and outlandish conspiracy theories coming from Clare’s camp. On the other hand, we have two pieces of vital information coming straight from the mouths of two ‘horses’ – one from SCL, and the other, PPBM. Tell me, who do you think Malaysians are going to believe – me, or Clare?

Seriously, nothing beats news when it is served straight from the horse’s mouth. When Clare first attempted to link Najib to Lord Marland, she unwittingly triggered a backfire effect that further emboldened the Prime Minister’s supporters. Then, the minute the ‘horses’ from SCL and Kedah spoke, her own supporters found it difficult to ignore the truth – as evinced from the many comments online – and immediately began looking the other way. – The Third Force

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