Vocal DAP assemblywoman won’t defend seat in GE14

 |Mar 14, 2018
– Pic credit Facebook Yap Soo Huey – 叶舒惠

GEORGE TOWN: A Penang DAP state assemblyman today announced her decision not to contest in the next general election.

Pulau Tikus assemblywoman Yap Soo Huey, known for voicing out town planning issues in the state, especially in respect of her constituency, made the announcement via social media Facebook, saying she had decided not to defend her Pulau Tikus seat.

Stating that the decision had been carefully considered for over a year, Yap said it was time for her to leave to further her studies as there is a lack of expertise in urban and transport planning, hence her plan to do her Master’s in the subject.

“I have been considering this for more than a year and I feel that it is a good time now for me to go to university than later,” she said when contacted today.

She explained that it would be better for her to do so now rather than wait for another five years should she decide to continue serving her constituency.

Yap, who applied to further her studies to eight universities for masters in urban planning, was accepted to six of them and was offered scholarships for four of them. She mentioned that her top two choices were Georgia Institute of Technology or Cornell University.

She added that Georgia Institute of Technology classes will commence in August and that her studies would only commence after the general election.

Yap, who holds the DAP Wanita national executive council member will also relinquish her political posts but said she would still remain a member of DAP.

Adding that the party leadership has been made aware of her decision, Yap said she had already expressed her intention to further her studies to them since last year.

When asked who might replace her, Yap said she was not aware of the matter and would leave it to the party leadership.

On her Facebook posting, Yap wrote that she felt bad for her party comrades, supporters and constituents, some of whom had become friends, for leaving.

“I feel very bad for leaving my friends and supporters in Pulau Tikus, Penang and DAP, and my friends whom I have worked with to improve universal access, public consultation and public transport, so I want you to know that I have been considering this more for the past year,’ she said.

Yap is known for championing various projects such as the free shuttle bus service that loops around Pulau Tikus and a pilot public space project to widen and beautify pavements in her constituency.