EC ‘100pc’ prepared for GE14, chairman says

 |Mar 8, 2018

KUALA LUMPUR: Election Commission (EC) workers nationwide are 100 per cent ready to ensure that the 14th General Elections (GE14) runs smoothly, says its chairman Tan Sri Mohd Hashim Abdullah.

He said they were prepared in terms of workforce and logistics as well as in providing training and courses on the respective duties and responsibilities.

“Actually, we started preparations for the GE two years ago and have assigned workers for the polling stations and vote counting nationwide,” he said in an interview with Bernama News Channel’s “Ruang Bicara” programme last night.

He said about 250,000 involving EC, security and defence personnel would be involved in assisting in the GE this time around.

Mohd Hashim said the agency was also prepared to assist voters with disabilities who may need transport or wheelchairs to enable them to exercise their voting rights.

On the supply of indelible ink, he said this had been ordered way ahead and was only waiting for the right moment to be delivered.

Commenting on the election campaign, Mohd Hashim said 11 days was the minimum period to campaign and the agency would review if this should be extended.

Mohd Hashim was also optimistic that the EC would be able to handle the GE in the best possible way in accordance to the laws.

GE14 must be called by August this year. — Bernama