Annuar Musa: Chinese won’t vote DAP forever, will return to BN

 |Mar 1, 2018
– File pic credit Facebook Tan Sri Annuar Musa.

BUTTERWORTH: Umno information chief Annuar Musa claims a “tsunami is likely”, predicting that the Chinese will return to Barisan Nasional.

“I am not ruling out a tsunami… that the Chinese, they will come back to BN anytime.

“We should not deny the Chinese the space for them to come back to BN.”

Annuar said the business-centric Chinese community wanted a stable government, healthy economy, good governance, and more foreign direct investments.

He said the Chinese have realised that the BN government could deliver all that, adding that BN was never against the Chinese, only DAP as the party was against the rights of Bumiputeras and championed a “socialist and classless society”.

Annuar claimed the discerning Chinese were starting to see that Penang was not as perfect as promised by the opposition, with corruption scandals and an undersea tunnel hogging the headlines.

He said in GE13, the Chinese thought it would be fair to give the opposition “a try”, but with many promises unfulfilled, a “tsunami is likely”.

“I am not ruling out a tsunami… that the Chinese, they will come back to BN anytime,” he claimed.

According to Free Malaysia Today, Musa said Chinese voters were politically savvy and would not always stay with DAP, adding that history had shown that the Chinese community never supported one party forever.

He said unlike the Malays who were “sentimental” when it came to supporting their party of choice, the Chinese were discerning and would pick a party that could deliver on its promises.

Annuar cited case in point was during DAP’s attempt to win the Tanjong parliamentary seat, dubbed “Tanjong 1, 2, 3” by DAP in Penang, which it had lost to Barisan Nasional (BN) before.

He said it was therefore wrong to say Chinese voters would remain “DAP voters”.

“The polemic of the Chinese community and whom they support cannot be discussed in a racist context because they are Malaysians.

“The country is not built by one race. During independence, we upheld togetherness and muafakat (consensus), with the help of the Chinese and the smaller minorities.

“We cannot label the Chinese as anti-BN when BN itself came into existence thanks to the Chinese. And the Chinese have never followed one party for long,” he told reporters after mediating a forum in Kepala Batas here yesterday.