RTD rubbishes viral post that officers behaved like hooligans

 |Feb 26, 2018

PUTRAJAYA: The Road Transport Department (RTD) has rubbished recent allegations on the social media that several of its enforcement officers behaved like hooligans and smashed the window of a lorry to get information from its driver.

In a statement here yesterday, its corporate and strategic planning division said the department was disappointed with the false accusations hurled against its staff members who were merely carrying out their duties to ensure the safety of road users.

The alleged incident occurred on Feb 22 at 1.15pm at Km29 Jalan Johor Bahru-Kota Tinggi.

According to the officer on duty, the RTD team had spotted a lorry heading towards Johor Bahru and suspected its load to be more than the permitted limit.

“The RTD team tailed the lorry before ordering it to stop at the road shoulder,” said the statement, adding that when the officer went to check the vehicle, its driver had hidden himself and locked the doors of the lorry.

It said the RTD officer subsequently found the driver hiding behind the curtain of one of the rear windows of the lorry.

“The driver refused to cooperate when the officer requested to see his permit and related documents.

“The (lorry) driver then accused the RTD staff of smashing the window when in reality, it loosened and fell to the ground but was not broken.”

According to the statement, the RTD had lodged a police report on threats made by the lorry driver which could pose a danger to the officers and their families.

The RTD also urged the public not to be taken in by any story, posting or news without checking its veracity. – Bernama