PAP wants DAP to be responsible over Zaid’s remark

 |Dec 6, 2017
People’s Alternative Party (PAP) vice president Rahmad Ishak.

GEORGE TOWN: DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang should apologise to the Selangor Sultan to prove that DAP is a party that respects the sovereignty of the Malay rulers, said People’s Alternative Party (PAP) vice-president Rahmad Isahak.

Rahmad’s said this in response to DAP member Zaid Ibrahim’s move to “advise” the Selangor Sultan not to issue statements that lean towards certain political parties which the PAP leaders described as being disrespectful to the king.

He said as party national adviser who is responsible for the DAP, Lim should translate his respect for the sovereignty of the Malay rulers into an immediate public apology if the DAP is indeed a party that is not not anti-Malays and anti-Islam.

He explained that it was only right that Lim did so since Zaid’s derogatory statement against the Sultan was made using DAP’s platform and in his capacity as a DAP member.

The Selangor Sultan, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah had expressed worries about the tendency of certain quarters to raise sensitive issues for their personal interests to attract votes.

He also described former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as having a complex form of humility and deep set hatred which could set the whole country in flames which had also prompted Zaid’s reaction.

Rahmad also called on Zaid to reflect on his own actions and to stop all the provocations against the sensitivity of his own ethnic group done from the political platform of a party where his own membership legitimacy is questionable.

“Who approved his (Zaid’s) membership application in the DAP when (at that time) there was no one in Central Executive Committee (CEC) recognised by the Registrar of Societies (RoS) since December 15, 2012?

“Therefore Zaid too should apologise to the Selangor Sultan, the Malays and Muslims in the country over his statement which is downright derogatory and is clearly disrespectful against the Malay rulers in this country,” said Rahmad in a statement here today.

Rahmad stressed the need for Lim to take full responsibility of Zaid’s statement, which he described as having gone overboard in questioning the Sultan’s statement which he said would also make the Malays feel slighted.

He also urged for Zaid’s “job scope” in the DAP to criticise issues on Islam and the sovereignty of the Malay Rulers to be severed.

“If the DAP is giving Zaid this sort of vocal invincibility without limits, this will pose a serious liability to the DAP in terms of voters support in the upcoming 14th general election.

“Lin shouldn’t keep quiet and let the party’s Malay member who is a former minister to continue criticising his own ethic group just to gain political credit for the DAP despite realising the impact would be costly to its three other alliance members namely PKR, Amanah and PPBM which are heralded by Malay leaders,” added Rahmad.

He reminded the DAP not to be good only at issuing gag orders against issues that benefit the party but the same is not being done when it comes to Malay leaders from the DAP criticizing their own ethnic groups and more brazenly questioning the Institution of the Malay Rulers. – MO