PAP: DAP’s 3rd CEC should show it’s a multiracial party, not one that is family-controlled

 |Nov 10, 2017
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GEORGE TOWN: The upcoming Central Executive Committee (CEC) of the DAP should reflect the party’s strong denial that it is anti-Malay and anti-Islam, says People’s Alternative Party (PAP) vice-president

Rahmad Isahak asserted that if the DAP leadership is truly serious in the matter, then the CEC this time around should see at least one or two Malay delegates out of the seven, as stated in the previous CEC in December 2012 where delegates are selected and not appointed to become part of the party’s central decision-making administration.

“If a Malay candidate is selected, rationally, history has been created should the top 20 leadership is able to appoint a Malay or Muslim candidate to fill up important positions such as the DAP national deputy chairman since there is no party constitution that prohibits that.

“However if the delegates maintain their old tradition by casting aside Malay or Muslim candidates then it really reflects the party’s Malaysian Malaysia concept which is used to deny Malay rights and the Malays as being the country’s majority,” the former DAP leader said in a statement here today.

Rahmad also proposed for a new clause to be added into the party’s constitution that Malay and Muslim DAP members are only eligible to hold central executive posts through appointments and not through selection by delegates.

The move is better, he said, as it would save the time of those contesting each time the CEC is being held.

“If this situation is a yardstick then it only means Malay DAP members or leaders are only eligible to hold central executive posts through appointments which means they do not have a ‘full licence’ through the selection process by the delegates,” added Rahmad.

He urged the delegates to make the right choice during the CEC, one that is not distorted by any disturbance in choosing the right leaders at the central executive level.

“This can only be done if they are serious about making drastic changes to show that the DAP is truly a multiracial party.

“The past two CECs should be regarded as a lesson whereby there was involvement of a dynasty to strengthen their open position in the party until the leadership decision was being manipulated, causing it to almost be banned by the ROS under the Societies Act 1966,” said Rahmad, referring to the Registar or Societies which did not recognise results from DAP’s previous CEC following some mistakes.

He pointed out that whether or not the ROS will accept and recognise DAP’s CEC results for the third time around is not the main issue but what is important is the image and good name of the delegates who can exercise their rights without having to bend backwards and become anyone’s puppets.

“There is a need for transformation including when selecting candidates from other races especially Muslim Malays to be brought into the Top 20 chart even if they are only there just to show that the DAP is a multiracial party,” Rahmad said.