‘Guan Eng should not contest in Sunday’s CEC with ongoing corruption trial’

 |Nov 10, 2017
G. Asoghan (centre) speaking to the press this morning. – MO pic

BUTTERWORTH: DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng should refrain from contesting in this Sunday’s Central Executive Committee (CEC) re-election if he is really not after positions.

The party’s former Bagan Luar branch chairman, G. Asoghan said this is because Guan Eng is currently facing a corruption-related court case.

Asoghan said Guan Eng should make some sacrifices for the good name of the party in living up to its Credibility, Accountability and Transparency (CAT) principle which the Penang Chief Minister has been championing himself.

“If he loves the party so much and truly cares for the party, he will not contest to avoid the party from getting a bad image.

“At the same time, members at the grassroot level should also urge Guan Eng’s father, Lim Kit Siang who is DAP national adviser not to contest as he has been in the party for more than 50 years.

“It is high time he makes way for young leaders,” Asoghan told a press conference here today.

He stressed that as a veteran leader, Kit Siang should also advise his son against contesting in the CEC considering he is facing court charges.

“As a veteran politician, Kit Siang should know better and has always been asking those facing court cases to step down so why is he allowing his own son to contest for central executive position? ” he asked.

Asoghan added that if Kit Siang really does adhere to his own principles, Guan Eng should have been told to let go of all the positions he’s holding.

Asoghan also went on to question the need for a briefing before the CEC by Guan Eng, asking what makes Guan Eng such a special case.

Both father and son, he said, should realise that the DAP does not belong to them as it is a party made-up by many leaders, such as Anthony Loke, Tony Pua, Gobind Singh, Teresa Kok among others.

Accusing the Lims as wanting to preserve their dynasty in the DAP, Asoghan said it is a wonder what their cronies are seeing in them, in still wanting to keep the father and son duo in the DAP.

“Both father and son should lead by example and walk the talk they have been so vocal about instead of tarnishing the image of the party.

“Both must do something to make the party proud before the situation gets worse,” added Asoghan.

Meanwhile, he said both Lims should refer to Bersih chairman Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan if they are not aware of what the word “Bersih” (clean) means, as Guan Eng is tainted with an ongoing court case.

“Until it is proven by the Court that Guan Eng is indeed bersih, he cannot be in the DAP as he will be associated with things that bring shame to the party,” Asoghan said.

Asoghan was chairman of the Bagan Luar branch and a party delegate to national congress when he was sacked by the party on April 23, 2013. – MO