Respond immediately to social media issues

Nov 4, 2017

KUALA LUMPUR: Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin said today the Umno machinery must respond immediately and prudently to issues and criticism on social media.

He said news and information circulated fast on social media and the users received them immediately, regardless of whether they were true or false.

“Today, social media is live. We have a maximum of only four hours to respond to any issue. If we do not do so, the news or information will be given a fresh narrative by our adversaries.

“It may be too late then for us to correct the perception because the people will have assimilated the news or information and moved on. We will be left behind and lose out on that issue,” he said when addressing the 2017 national-level Umno Social Media Convention.

The convention, organised by the Umno Information Technology Bureau, is aimed at providing an overview of the social media importance and ethics as well as a more effective work format for all Umno social media practitioners in facing the 14th General Election.

Khairy, who is Youth and Sports Minister, said the Umno machinery should maintain calm when dealing with any issue and address criticism with facts to uphold the party’s credibility.

“If we want to ‘attack’ our adversary on social media, we must be rational and argue with facts because our replies may be used against us later,” he said.

Khairy reminded the party machinery not to use the social media as a tool for personal attacks against adversaries for fear that this would elicit public sympathy for them.

In the dissemination of messages related to the party and government, he said, Umno members active on social media should be more informative and creative and apply humour to get to the community more effectively. –Bernama