Nasi lemak gown inspires graphic designer to create his version

 |Nov 2, 2017
(left) Brian Khoo’s version of the nasi lemak gown and (right) Rafil Thazali’s take.

KUALA LUMPUR: A graphic designer has come out with his version of a nasi lemak-inspired dress after it was recently revealed that Miss Universe Malaysia Samantha Katie James would be showcasing one at the international beauty pageant on Nov 26.

Elle Malaysia reported the gown, conceptualised by Malaysian designer Brian Khoo, took a month to make.

The New Straits Times reported Khoo’s version was unveiled recently in Petaling Jaya and will be paraded during the national costume category of the international pageant.

Meanwhile graphic designer Rafil Thazali says he was inspired to come out with his own take after pictures of James, 22, garbed in Khoo’s version, went viral.

On Facebook, Rafil said: “Well, here you go. I’m no fashion designer, but I’m triggered to make my rendition of the current Nasi Lemak dress that went viral since yesterday… So let me explain about my version here.

“Being a local Malaysian myself, i observe how our makcik packs our favourite nasi lemak by cupping the rice & sambal etc. So I made this design backwards to give a pouring motion as though the delicious nasi lemak is served on our plate.

“The main items such as banana leaf (cape), sambal (sleeve & waist deco), kacang/nuts (abdomen), rice (skirt), ikan bilis (headpiece) and egg (inner skirt) were positioned as precise as i can to resemble the neat presentation of our favourite food.

“Not to forget our heritage, i included our local fabric textures such as songket, kebaya lace, saree satin/silk and Chinese red element into this design to represent our multiple race as a complete & harmonious blend.

“Lastly, i hope my version will be accepted by all as my fullest effort is to make our country proud with our own culture whether it’s on a plate, or worn by our pageant representative.”

His Facebook post which was posted 14 hours ago has since been shared 121 times with 91 people commenting on it.

Even though the comments were mainly favourable, it is likely this version will just remain a dream as Rafil revealed that his was just a photoshopped design, might not be practical in reality.

Rafil, who is interested in fashion photography, also commented that he was not trying to compete.

So, Malaysians, what do you think? You prefer Khoo’s creation or Rafil’s?