Stop using media as bickering platform to cover up own flaws, Penang DAP told

 |Sep 27, 2017

GEORGE TOWN: Instead of using the media as a bickering platform to respond on the issue of flood mitigation, the Penang state government should be more responsible in handling the issue and solve the problem once and for all, said People’s Alternative Party (PAP) vice-president Rahmad Isahak.

Rahmad said the issue will not be solved and will continue to hound Penangites as the state government is busy making comments and press statements instead of putting a stop to flash floods in Penang.

He said that the flash flood phenomenon which he described to be at a chronic stage is also partially the fault of the state government following haphazard town planning and development projects they approved.

“PAP challenges the Penang DAP government to take legal action against the federal government if their claims that the federal government has yet to fulfill allocation for flood mitigation projects are true.

“As a state government which has been in power close to a decade, they have to be more responsible and transparent with figures instead of poisoning the minds of Penangites to cover up their own flaws.

“The state government’s claims of the RM1.7 billion and RM1.1 billion allocations by the Federal Government yet to be given out for flood mitigation are serious claims and could be translated into legal action based on existing records,” said Rahmad in a statement here today.

He stressed that by making reciprocal comments on the media will not solve the problem of flash floods in the state.

He pointed out that what is more important is for the rakyat to be made aware of an alternative plan to overcome floods instead of just relying on the Federal Government.

He added that allocations in the billions of ringgit will remain pointless if reckless development is still being carried out in the state without proper planning.

“At the end of the day the rakyat are the ones who have to face the wrath of mother nature; a price they have to pay as voters and taxpayers for the mandate given to those they have voted for,” said Rahmad. – MO