‘Zaid should be the one moving to London, not young Malaysians’

 |Sep 26, 2017
File pic credit Twitter Zaid Ibrahim.

GEORGE TOWN: Datuk Zaid Ibrahim is the one who is sick, not the county, claimed a political observer over a remark made by the former in his blog yesterday.

Zaid’s blog entry is thought to have been made following the controversy surrounding the Better Beer Festival 2017, which was banned by authorities after the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) rejected the organisers’ application to hold the event.

“Just because of a beer festival, he’s asking people to migrate to London.

“He should be the one moving there first and start life anew despite his age and not only the young can start a new life.

“It’s still not too late for him despite his age,” said Azizi Safar.

Meanwhile, Parti Cinta Malaysia (PCM) president Datuk Huan Cheng Guan called on Zaid to set an example for the young to follow.

“He should start by moving to London first himself before telling others to (do so). If London is so great then why is he still in Malaysia?

“He should close his law firm and move to London,” said Huan when contacted.

He said it was typical of Zaid’s character to jump from one place to another, just like he did with political parties.

Yesterday, the former minister who is now a DAP member through his blog, “advised” Malaysians to move out of the country while they still can and suggested for them to migrate to London.

He reasoned that “there is no place here for knowledge and scholarship, especially in matters of religion.”

Zaid described those who talk about Islam in Malaysia as low-grade scholars and accused many of being mouthpieces of the ruling party.

“They are syncophants (sic); not of the same calibre as the Mu’tazillah, the jurists and theologians of the Abbasiyah period who debated religious issues, such as the concept of tawhid or unity of God.

“They discussed the inherent difficulties of reconciling reason and revelation.

“They were not preoccupied with beer festivals or dress codes for women, or separate launderette for Muslims, although the revelry and festivities of the Caliphates were well known,” wrote Zaid.

Zaid then went on to urge young Malays to “plan their lives properly” and not to repeat the same mistakes he had made.

Zaid, a lawyer by profession also described Malaysia as “a sick Muslim country” and accused the country of teaching the wrong things.

Last week, Inspector-General of Police Mohamad Fuzi Harun was reported as saying that the beer festival’s permit application was not approved due to security reasons as the police had information that militants were planning to sabotage the festival. – MO