New political party Pekira urges RoS to approve its application

 |Sep 25, 2017
Mohd Ridzuan Abdullah (centre) at the launch of Pekira’s election machinery in Kuala Lumpur recently. – File pic credit Parti Ekonomi Rakyat Malaysia’s Facebook page.

PETALING JAYA: Newly-formed political party, Parti Ekonomi Rakyat Malaysia (Pekira) has urged the Registrar of Societies (RoS) to approve their application.

Its president Datuk Mohd Ridzuan Abdullah said Pekira had submitted their application via online registration in May, and claimed that the RoS informed them that it was up to the Home Ministry to grant approval.

Mohd Ridzuan when contacted by Malaysia Outlook today expressed his disappointment with the matter, stressing that Pekira is a Barisan Nasional (BN) friendly party.

“We have already submitted photos of the party’s activities twice, which clearly shows good response from the rakyat and our support to the Government but I don’t understand why the delay in approving the party compared to other Opposition parties and it’s odd for something like this to happen.

“RoS says political parties comes under the purview of the minister. Are they perhaps afraid of our party?” he said, adding that they would take ‘extraordinary action’ if they still receive no response from RoS on Pekira’s approval.

Mohd Ridzuan said that Pekira is a political party that will be able to attract fence sitters to vote for BN which will ensure its victory in the 14th General Election.

“Are they afraid that if the party is formed, there will be splits? There are already many splits within BN and each time a split happens, everyone runs to the Opposition so Pekira is seen as a defence mechanism to attract these people back,” he added.

Mohd Ridzuan said Pekira’s focus is to solve issues related to cost of living and it has no time to run down other political parties as is the norm for existing political parties.

Mohd Ridzuan who is also the president of the Malaysian Small and Medium Entrepreneurs Association (Ikhlas) claimed that Pekira’s membership has already reached 16,000 and most of its members consist of business people.

Meanwhile, RoS director Datuk Mohammad Razin Abdullah when contacted denied Mohd Ridzuan’s claims that the RoS had purposely delayed the registration of Pekira as a political party.

According to him, Pekira’s application is still in the processing stage as it needs to undergo a few other stages including security vetting before a decision can be made.

“When these vetting processes are completed, then we will make a decision,” he said.

On Mohd Ridzuan’s claim that approval appeared to be faster for applications by the Opposition, Mohammad Razin said this was Mohd Ridzuan’s personal opinion.

“That is their perception and there is no such thing as approval is faster for Opposition parties.

“There are a few things that need to be considered including security vetting and after the process is done, we’ll make a decision,” he said.

He explained that RoS does not have a specific time frame in granting approval to application by political parties.

A check by Malaysia Outlook on Pekira’s Facebook page found that the party is actively recruiting members from a few states including Sabah and Sarawak.

On September 12, Pekira held a press conference to launch its election machinery in Kuala Lumpur. – MO