RTD DG wants to meet Mandarin-speaking officer in viral FB post

 |Sep 21, 2017
– Twitter pic @thetruenet

KUALA LUMPUR: All she did was to help two undergraduates from China who could not speak our lingo by speaking Mandarin with them.

With that, Nur Syafiqah Azaman’s act has gained her a lot of admirers, including JPJ Director-General Datuk Shaharuddin Khalid.

According to Malaysian Digest, she has been summoned to Putrajaya to meet Shaharuddin.

Mandarin-speaking Nur Syafiqah Azaman, 23, gained instant fame after a video of her went viral on Tuesday. In the video clip, she is explaining car ownership transfer procedure to two students from Shandong, China, in Mandarin. They are studying in Universiti Utara Malaysia.

In one Facebook post, the one minute 38 seconds video wowed netizens who praised the pretty officer for her fluency in Mandarin. The video has since raked in more than 3.55 million views and 91,888 likes.

The fluent Mandarin-speaking officer is half Chinese and attended a Chinese vernacular primary school, SJK(C) Yit Min in Changlun. Since her mother is Chinese, the family mainly speak Mandarin at home.

“We are glad she was around to help the two undergraduates from China. They could not speak English or Malay,” the department’s state corporate communication chief Mohamad Tarmizi Ghazali told The Star Online.

Meanwhile, Perlis JPJ director Shahrul Azhar Md Dali said it was good that the department has someone multilingual like Nur Syafiqah.

He said he encouraged his staff, especially the frontliners manning customer service, to learn additional languages such as Mandarin and Tamil.

On the invitation to meet the director-general, Perlis JPJ Public Relations Officer Mohd Tarmizi Ghazali, said it was an honour especially to Perlis JPJ.

“Nur Syafiqah serves at the vehicle registration counters. She communicates directly with the customers.

“When we are able to complete tasks and help customers, it is considered a success on our part. After the video went viral, it projected a better image for JPJ,” he told Sinar Online.

She is expected to meet Shaharuddin tomorrow.