‘Opposition dare not place well known candidate in Pekan’

 |Sep 19, 2017
File pic credit thriftytraveller.wordpress.com.

GEORGE TOWN: Despite all the negative perception against the Prime Minister which appears to make the Opposition very confident in taking over Putrajaya, folks in Pekan still show undivided support to Datuk Seri Najib Razak, standing firm behind him.

In saying this, People’s Alternative Party (PAP) vice-president Rahmad Isahak is of the opinion that the people in Pekan are not buying into the negative issues brought up by the Opposition against Najib.

This is because they know their Member of Parliament has served them well for over four decades, hence the trust they have in him.

“It takes a real connoisseur to appreciate the real quality of a product so the people in Pekan know Najib well enough not to believe anything bad being said about him.

“PAP is of the opinion that whoever is tasked to contest against Najib in Pekan is just to fulfill a democratic requirement,” Rahmad said in response to a Malaysia Outlook report yesterday which cited political analysts as saying that no one from the Opposition dare to contest against Najib in Pekan but have aspirations of taking over Putrajaya.

Rahmad pointed out that whatever political strategy or campaign measure employed by the Opposition to bring down the deficit in support for the current incumbent will not succeed in gaining support and might even create a bigger victory for the Prime Minister.

“I dare say the Opposition might even just place a small fry to contest in Pekan and not place a well known candidate lest the defeat becomes too humiliating for them to handle.

“Moreover, even if they win (the federal Government), the Opposition’s strategy at the parliamentary level may give rise to the issue of the minority leadership reigning the majority and having to adopt the the Malaysian Malaysia concept which until today has yet to be solidified in a written commitment.

“This problem may increase the awareness of Malay voters not just in Pekan, but in other constituencies in the country as well,” he added. – MO