When hate justifies racism, bigotry and treachery

 |Sep 5, 2017


The following is an observation made by Lukman Sheriff on Facebook, with regards to the two postings above, encountered online.

When hate justifies racism, bigotry and treachery

I’ve been invited to a few groups and “sakit jiwa” reading posts by a certain section of Malaysians. They are full of utter hatred and every little thing is turned to black. I can appreciate people having diverse views but these people are blinded by hatred to the point of justifying racism, bigotry and treachery. And yet they feel they are superior morally. They then ply their hatred unabated without semblance of guilt to create a vile group think. These are those from the left whom the media never seem to highlight.

Let’s look at the first attached posting. This is as racist as it gets. It does not only want to show our police are corrupt, but the whole Malay race who form the overwhelming majority of the police force as corrupt. Apparently only 10% chances of Malays here not being corrupt. Crazy racist accusation. And core to this posting is the inverse believe that their race is morally superior and thus the right to condemn the Malays as a race. They purposely ignore that their race is involved too and maliciously stereotype Malays, Muslims, and the police force as corrupt and despicable in one meme and viralled it.

This hate is so entrenched that they don’t mind even accusing our athletes who toil profusely for our nation as cheats based on the flimsiest of excuses. They viralled the Thai video claiming us a cheat. (Click here for video link) The Thais are sore losers and making baseless allegations. They purposely disregard that the umpires comprise from various nations including from Thailand. Further there was no official complain pun. Kalau betul buat lah official complain so that it can be investigated. And then misrepresent by showing us picture of a rough action in a match as representing the whole entire match and nation. So next time kalau one Thai football player commits a red card foul on one of our player yang tak injure pun then we can call the whole Thai team as cheats ke? This is utter nonsense. And if you look at the video attached, the Thais are even complaining of change in time of a boxing match final. But most interesting is that do you know who they fought against? The Philippines. How in the world would our athletes benefit from it? Zero. Zilch. How utter nonsense can an allegation be.

But Thais as sore losers I can understand why they complain. But I cannot imagine in my wildest dream why in the world would any Malaysian rely on these unsubstantiated allegations to call our athletes as cheats for winning the gold. Why can’t they stand with our wira? There is no possible answer except for that deep hatred they have of everything positive about Malaysia. They don’t want us to succeed in anything. From economy to public facilities like MRT to now our athletes. In this case the hate blinded them to be treacherous. To me these Malaysians must be condemned.

It is this hate that has gone unabated for a long time. With Internet, even an educated Australian lawyer gets caught with this hate group think (I’m not posting his post as he lives here). I told him that it’s unfair to accuse Australians’ Olympic gold medalists of cheating just because their politicians cheat (or are crooks). There’s no connection whatsoever. He then suddenly diverted to argue that this can never happen as Australia never hosted the Olympics. I then told him that Australia had hosted twice and how could he forget. See the extent of deceit people do to justify.

Now coming back to Malaysia, these utter hatreds have made our country divided as ever. We need to highlight these extreme end of the left as the left media highlight the right. It’s to put a limit of acceptance. Compare this with ISMA that the left portray as too far right. ISMA though you may disagree justifies their stand and position. You can engage them intellectually. There are many professionals with them and though you disagree, you know there’s reasons for it. These far left cannot even justify every time I engage. It’s just pure hatred. And this group of people that will destroy our nation. It’s time to highlight what they do. Only then we can be more balance and objective.


** The following is a comment made by social activist Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim with regards to Lukman Sheriff’s observation:

This has been tolerated long enough and unless the Government takes firm action and calls these enemies of state to account, this country will become ungovernable.

The country is crawling with Chinese opposition fifth columnists ready to do the dirty work against their own country.

We Malays must not take this situation lightly because we have subversive elements ready to subvert our people and country.

We have seen how poor Malay women traffic wardens being bullied and manhandled and Malay boys caught stealing items from Chinese shops being kicked and treated with unnecessary force and violence that is symptomatic of deep-seated racial hatred.

Malays should stop worrying too much about having to be politically correct because good manners are mistaken for weakness by DAP Chinese supporters who are loud, crude and disloyal.

If you cannot see the sign or the writing on the wall, you Malays are already dead.

They take no prisoners and Malays of my generation remember how Malays were treated by the Chinese-led Peoples’ Anti Japanese troops when they emerged from the jungle and “liberated” isolated areas left by the Japanese.

I will never trust the DAP Chinese to govern this country with justice and equity.

This is my wake up call to my fellow Malays. If I am racist in the defence of my race, especially in the face of the resurgence of opposition Chinese subversion that has become rampant, so be it.

I am tired of being pilloried by the DAP Chinese because I left their beloved chauvinistic party.

I am not for sale in spite of what these DAP Chinese would like others to believe of me. It is open season for invective against me, and so let the game begin.