Felda succeeds in producing professionals among second generation

 |Sep 4, 2017
File pic credit www.rsp.com.sg.

JELEBU: The transformation experienced by the Felda community has succeeded in producing an outstanding generation with many becoming professionals in their respective fields.

A second Felda generation, Mohd Sabri Alias, 46, who is Jempol Community College deputy director, said this was proven with many Felda children becoming pilots, doctors, lawyers, engineers, athletes and lecturers.

He said their success was not only because of their own hard work, but also of the various facilities provide by Felda, such as tuition classes and aid for Felda children pursuing studies at higher institutions of learning.

He said the role played by Felda was not confined only for the first generation settlers, but also their children, though the latter were not offered land and house.

“Various benefits are enjoyed by the second Felda generation, such as the (Koperasi Permodalan Felda) KPF scheme, which is the best share in the country, where we are paid dividends and bonus,” he told Bernama in an interview at Felda Lui Timur here.

Mohd Sabri suggested the second Felda generation who had succeeded in their respective fields to form an alumni in their respective settlements so that they could contribute their expertise to the next Felda generation, like holding free tuition and motivation classes, etc.

He said such an alumni had been set up at Felda Lui Timur.

On his life as a Felda child, Mohd Sabri said his father became a settler at Felda Lui Timur in 1979 and was given four hectares of land to work and a house.

He said the distance to the nearest school, Sekolah Kebangsaan Senaling in Kuala Pilah, was 39 kilometres.

“At that time, there was only the land rover, and then there were two vans. We only had dirt roads then and by the time we got to school, our uniform was red.

“It was only later that we have a school in Felda Lui Timur,” he said.

On the six incentives announced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak during the Settlers Day celebration last July 23, he said it was a very special gift for the settlers and the Felda community.

“The incentive on the house is the most felt by the second Felda generation because they can afford a house in the town or elsewhere. Now, it is possible as land is given,” he said.

The incentives announced by the prime minister included in the form of debt disposals, incentive payments, setting up of special fund and grant and housing incentive, involving an allocation of RM519 million. – Bernama