Singer Nora thrilled Voices of Ummi to feature in Merdeka Day parade

 |Aug 29, 2017
‘Ummi’ at the Merdeka Day parade rehearsal. – Pic courtesy Nora.

KUALA LUMPUR: Giant balloons at parades are a fun treat not just for children but adults as well.

The annual Merdeka Day parade too, has been featuring local animation characters as part of the National Film Development Corporation’s (Finas) animation segment, much to the delight of children.

While we usually see superheroes getting featured as giant balloons, this year, the annual Merdeka Day parade will also see an iconic female Islamic animation character as one of the giant balloons.

Known as Ummi from the Voices of Ummi animation show, the character is among a few selected by Finas to be featured at the Merdeka Day parade in the form of giant balloons.

Ummi, modeled after singer Nora, was an endeavour started by her late husband, composer Johan Nawawi.

“This is a big achievement for us,” Nora told Malaysia Outlook on the character getting selected by Finas to be featured at the Merdeka Day parade.

“Before this, we always see superheroes getting the honour. This is our first time being part of the Merdeka Day parade, and I am really proud of our achievement,” she added.

Pic courtesy Nora.

Nora believed the reason Ummi was selected was based on the animation series’ past achievements, which now includes getting airtime in Indonesia, thus opening them to a host of new fans from the neighbouring country.

She added that it had been a dream for her and her late husband to see Ummi being part of the Merdeka Day parade.

“This is a personal achievement for me and my company,” Nora said.

“I hope this can be an eye-opener to the nation on Ummi’s existence. This is indeed a good platform, I am very happy and excited.” – MO