Kuching treat for Game of Thrones author, director Tarantino

 |Aug 28, 2017
“Just two guys who love movies. (Still hoping we can check out each other’s theaters one of these days) @qtarantino #TBT,” tweeted George RR Martin on Aug 24. – Twitter pic

KUCHING: Malaysians, especially those in Kuching had a pleasant surprise recently when it transpired that not one, but two American legends were in town.

The popular Game of Thrones author George RR Martin tweeted a picture of himself and Kill Bill movie director Quentin Tarantino having a drink on the Sarawak River Cruise in Kuching on Aug 24.

“Just two guys who love movies. (Still hoping we can check out each other’s theaters one of these days) @qtarantino #TBT,” tweeted Martin, in what seems to be a throwback post (TBT stands for Throwback Thursday).

That picture and tweet have since been retweeted 5.7k times and received 23k likes.

Needless to say, fans around the world went into a tinzy upon seeing the photo, urging the two to collaborate.

“Make a movie! Have him direct the Dance of Dragons,” tweeted @Ser_Hunts, referring to Martin’s fifth book in his fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire.

“Two of my favorite storytellers sitting on a boat having drinks. How awesome is that,” tweeted @tycllns.

A David Gibson posted on Facebook: Or mebbe they’re thinking about locations for … something.

“Next time you come and visit Kuching Sarawak again, I will buy you a drink,” tweeted @Ash_Nashriq.

Martin was wearing a Staten Island Direwolves cap.

American fantasy drama TV series Game of Thrones, now in its seventh season, is an adaptation of Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire.

Fans also urged Martin to complete his much-awaited sixth book The Winds of Winter.

Asohan Aryaduray of The Star posted on Facebook: And remember, every day he spent gallivanting in Kuching was a day he didn’t dedicate to finishing off his series! #GoT

Beverley Hon commented on Facebook: Fella either has one hell of a writer’s block or is a super slacker. #finishthedamnbookalready

According to The Star Online, the bearded Martin has since returned to America, after tweeting that he is: “Finally back home from a long trip.”

Martin also wrote a blog post of his travels in a LiveJournal entry, but made no mention of his visit to Malaysia.